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Analysis/Commentary of Minerva Quote 3-4 sentences

1. Quote: “I pictured myself on a hot day falling, slowly and deeply, into those cold layers of water. I held on tight to my sister’s hands, no longer afraid of anything but that she might let go.”(Alvarez 39).

Inference: I think Minerva has trust issues andlikes summer because she pictures herself in the hot falling into a pool.

Commentary: This is showing that Minerva has trust issues. She cannot trust her sister because she said she’s not afraid of anything but her sister letting go.

Also shows that she has a lot of fear towards everyone because if she has problems trusting her sister she probably can’t trust a lot of other people.

2. Quote: ?It’s about time women had a voice in running our country.?(Alvarez 10).

Inference: Minerva is showing her political views on women’s rights and voting laws.

Commentary: Minerva obviously doesn’t like trujillo’s dictator decisions and she wants to be a lawyer so you can tell minerva is very interested in politics and has her opinion about it.

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She thinks women should be able to vote and have the same rights men do. This quote shows that in this time period women weren’t allowed to show their political views.

3. Quote: Sometimes, watching the rabbits in their pens, I’d think, I’m no different from you, poor things. One time, I opened a cage to set a half-grown doe free.(Alvarez 11).

Inference: Minerva feels like she is trapped so she compares herself to a caged rabbit and she has no freedom.

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Commentary: Minerva compared herself to a caged rabbit because she feels like she has no freedom and power. Although she is brave and makes risky decisions she feels like she has no power because of Trujillo. Minerva feels trapped because Trujillo has power to do whatever he wants to her because he is a evil dictator that wants to use minerva for sex and if not he is going to send her father to jail.

4. Quote: I felt a pang of jealousy seeing them treat Pap? in the same way my sisters and I had.(Alvarez 91).

Inference: Minerva feels jealous of her other sisters (dads daughters with a different women) because they treat her dad how her sisters and her treat her dad.

Commentary: Minerva felt like her and her sisters relationship was very special but when she sees how her other sisters (dads daughter with a different women) are with her dad she gets jealous because she realises that her relationship with her dad is like theirs. Minerva was just shook because she realised that he wasn’t just her and her sisters dad and he had a whole different family. And seeing them together reminded her of herself when she was young.

5. Quote: Minerva says it’s better letting yourself go  not that she ever does. The alternative is freezing yourself up, never showing what you’re feeling, never letting on what you’re thinking. Then one day, you’re out of here, free, only to discover you’ve locked yourself up and thrown away the key somewhere too deep inside your heart to fish it out.?(Alvarez 231).

Inference: Seems like Minerva gives good advice and cares for her sister. But she never uses her good advice for herself.

Commentary: Minerva gives very good advice and tells her sister to always let her feelings out and to not keep them bundled in so one day she explodes. But even though this is such good advice Minerva doesn’t do it herself because she is really strong and brave. She does this to set a god example for Maria Teresa.

6. Quote: He yanks me by the wrist, thrusting his hip at me in a low-class and offensive way, and I can see my hand in an endless slow motion rise a mind all its own and come down on the surprised and shocked, made-up face. And then the rain comes down hard, slapping sheets of it..(Alvarez 100).

Inference: from this wrote you can tell Minerva has self respect for her body and that she’s not a slut. So when a man tries to make a move on her she defends herself.

Commentary: Minerva cares about her body and wont let Trujillo get what he wants (to have sex with her). So when he tries to touch her breast she slaps him in front of everyone at his party. This shows how bold and brave minerva is to have the balls to slap the president. And he was a evil, gross president so the consequences were going to be something bad·they were Trujillo sent Minerva’s dad to jail.

Dede Quote with page number

1.Quote: I will never forget the terror on Ded’s face. How she reached for my hand. How, when we were asked to identify ourselves, what she said was I will never forget this  she said, My name is Minerva Mirabal. (Alvarez 277).

Inference: I think Dede is very brave for doing this, you can tell she really cares about her family and is willing to risk her life to protect them.

Commentary: Dede was very scared but also very brave for saying she was Minerva. She did it because she cares so much for her family. Dede says she is minerva so she is blamed with whatever minerva did. All dede wants to do is protect her family and when she did this it proved that all the decisions she made was to protect her family.

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