My Summer Vacation in Dubai

I had big plans for this past summer. I was going to make a lot of progress with building my own bike. I was going to organize my life and I was going to have fun with my friends and my family But I also did something else this summer. Something unexpected that I never thought I would really do. It’s not anything that big, but I vistited this amazing place.

I went to Dubai! For the first time ever my family wanted to live the country and we were so indecisive on where we should visit and our friends told us that they were going to dubai.

Now we had two choices Florida Disney cruise or Dubai. Obviously it was Dubai. The first place we went to was home we rented a hotel aprtement which was beautiful it was located right on the palm.we stayed home for about two days exploring what’s around us we rented some bikes to do that since it was too hot for a walk.

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after those two days of exploration we rented a car and went to the beach, we got a big sun burn so we stayed one home at the hotel spa relaxing.

Finally the trip just started, we went to Dubai mall,( the biggest mall ever!). We did some shopping and ate at This African themed restaurant it was real fun they sang and danced for us and after each sentence they talked with a click. We ordered an ox which sounds weird at first but wait till you taste it, it was amazing! After all that eating we walked the mall at least twice to burn all those calories.

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Before we went home we walked outside in the downtown area. It was really interesting with a nice atmosphere again we ate and gained even more calories. We ate at this chocolate cafe, it was delicious the chocolate was drooping out of our mouths.

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My Summer Vacation in Dubai

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