One of the best experiences in my life was my trip to Dubai. My friends and I planned this trip to take a break from our stressful jobs and I was turning 25 years old. We had all saved a lot of money because this was going to be an expensive trip. The day came when we were about to enjoy the best days of our lives. We had booked first-class seats from one of the best airline companies, we all arrived at the airport and we had a 12-hour flight ahead.

We all were allocated our seats and we were served with the best champagne they could offer. During the flight, we were served a very delicious breakfast, an appetizing lunch, and a mouth-watering dinner. In Spite of all the services the flight was really stressful and we finally landed, it was 12:30 am local time.

After completing immigration we were picked up in a limousine by the hotel company that was supposed to stay in.

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We all checked in and went to our individual rooms to rest because we had a long day ahead. We all meet up at the reception the next day to start our day. The first place we visited was Ferrari World, this place had been a dream since childhood because I used to dream about cars and have very any miniature collections of them. This park had the world\’s fastest roller coaster which travels at the speed of 200km/hr in just 2 seconds. We all had an opportunity to sit in front and I had the best experience in my life.

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Later that day there was a museum where I learned a lot about history and all about the company and the day ended. The next day was supposed to go skydiving, this was one of my favorite days because I have been waiting for this opportunity since I was 15 years old. After undergoing training for about 2 hours, our time came to jump. I had adrenaline running all over my body, I couldn’t decide if I was nervous or I was excited. I was the first person to jump amongst my friends.

After completing my jump successfully, I was so happy because I couldn’t believe that I did it.

Day 3 was like a casual day and I decided to drive around Dubai for the day. I went to a supercar rental store and I rented a Koenigsegg Agera R, there are only 10 of these cars in the world, and having an opportunity to drive it for a day was absolutely mind-blowing. Later that day I went to The Dubai Mall, which is one of the biggest malls in the world. Behind the mall was the world\’s tallest building called The Burj Khalifa which has 163 stories. The tourists that visit the building are only allowed till the 124th floor but I bribed one of the workers and they took me to the 156th floor. There was a panoramic view of the city and the sea, it was magnificent. I had never seen anything that beautiful before. Day 4, early in the morning I returned the car, and my friends and I left to visit a massive water park. This water park was almost the size of a domestic airport and we couldn’t even know where to start from. By the end of the day, we completed all the rides and we all were extremely tired and exhausted.

Day 5 was a very interesting day because we went to an indoor theme park which was about the cartoons that we used to see when we were young. This theme park was very crowded that particular day because Dubai had a public holiday but we managed to visit all the rides. Day 6 was the last day for us in Dubai and my friends surprised me with a very big cake and they threw me a boat party. After enjoying the day we went back to the hotel packed our stuff and left to go to the airport.

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