My Reasons for Majoring in Business

Why did I major in business? For numerous reasons, some common and others personal. All of my reasons shared a goal, and that is to graduate with a degree in order to enhance the quality of my life with a successful and fulfilling career.

My common reasons for deciding to major in business will likely be similar to those of many other students. These reasons are that the business major had a perceived lower degree of difficulty to complete than other majors.

Additionally, the major offered many different minors that I could pursue, giving me a variety of choices. Being the largest major at most universities, it offered the most classes at various times, making it easy for me to create a schedule that would fit into a busy life with work. Finally, the business major offered the best potential for securing a job upon graduation because of the broad scale of jobs in the "real" world.

On a more personal level, I chose the business major because I love business.

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I love the concepts of capitalism, competition, making money from ideas, hard work, using other people's money, leading others in a common goal, and achieving success by incorporating all of these concepts. I have always wanted to be important, to be a boss, and to be an owner of a company that I love going to every day. To do this, a degree in business was exactly what I needed. The business major was a logical first step towards this, and so I chose to study business at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell.

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It wasn't until coming here that I chose to minor in marketing and finance in order to create a well-rounded foundation, and with graduation coming in May, I don't regret it.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023
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