My Personal Characteristics according to Personality Tests

The first personality assessment was the Big Five Model of Personality Traits. My score for openness to experience, reflected as moderate. While I do have a willingness to try to new things and think outside the box, I do not feel that I am a very vulnerable person. I love learning and trying new things, meeting new people, and traveling to new places, but also prefer a routine and sticking to what I know. Therefore, my results were a little off from what I predicted them to be on this dimension, as I expected them to be more in the middle of the two extremes.

The score I received for conscientiousness reflected as moderately high. I believe that I am able control my impulses well and act in socially acceptable ways. I almost always try to work within the rules and plan and organize effectively. As a conscientious individual, I am almost always on time, reliable, and maintain a schedule, so I am not affecting others around me.

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I couldn’t agree more with my results on this personality trait, as I am always aware of how my behaviors and actions may impact others.

My extraversion results were on the lower side of the scale. Generally, I consider myself one of few words, quiet, reserved, and thoughtful. I feel more comfortable socializing in small groups compared to large groups, with people who I am familiar with, compared to strangers. Although, at times I am also an outgoing person and find myself very talkative around others.

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I do not think I am a true introversion or extraversion, I feel that I am more in the middle, although this may be where social desirability comes into play within the personality assessments.

Within the agreeableness dimension I scored moderately. In general, I am sensitive to the needs of others, sympathetic, and affectionate. Although, I do realize that often I display blunt, rude, and antagonistic behaviors to the same people, more specifically people in my life that I feel comfortable around, such as the friends and loved ones. I tend to be more agreeable to those that I am not close with, because I do not want to send bad vibes or make bad impressions. When I am close to someone, I take notice that I am less aware of my actions, words, and how I make others feel. Although I may be friendly towards other people, tolerant, and patient, I take notice of a somewhat selfish behavior that I display and tend to be suspicious of others and their words or actions at times. I agree with this scoring for the most part, because I do see myself a true extreme of the trait.

Lastly, was the neuroticism factor of the “Big Five”, as I expected I scored on the higher side of this personality factor, knowing I often display a high emotional reactiveness and am vulnerable to stress. I believe these results were accurate, because I am very prone to anxiety, sadness, worry, and low self-esteem. In addition, I know that I am easily angered and tend to be self-conscious and unsure of myself time to time. The scorings that I received throughout this personality assessment seemed consistent and reliable, therefore, leaving me with the impression that this was a reliable and valid measure of my personality.

On the second scale, locus of control, my degree of control personality was in the middle. I do agree with the outcome of this assessment, because depending on certain situations I know that I reflect both internal and external characteristics. I believe that if I work hard and commit to a goal that is important to me, I am able to achieve it. Similarly, when I study hard and prepare properly in school, it pays off. I think that dedication and effort are important qualities to have, when you want something. On the other hand, at times I feel that I have little control over my life and that it is “always something” or, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. As this was an easy assessment to take and understand, I think that it is a reliable and valid measure of my personality. I was very straightforward in my opinion and the questions were easy to answer.

As for the third scale, The Life Orientation Test, I scored the average score of 21, implying a greater score of being optimistic. Although, I expected my results to be more in the middle, because in many situations I find myself being more of a pessimistic type of person. As I approach life with a positive outlook, I also often expect the worst. In certain situations, I have high expectations, although others, I tend to keep low expectations and prepare for negative outcomes. One good thing about being pessimistic is expecting the worst and being proven wrong, to be surprised with a better outcome. While this test seemed a reliable measurement, I did not think the results were valid in terms of my personality, as I explained.

The second to last scale, Rosenburg Self-esteem scale, I scored a more moderately high score, reflecting greater self-worth. In my opinion, having a healthy self-esteem is important because it is a motivational factor. When I display a low self-esteem, I often feel that I am being held back from succeeding my goals. For the most part, I always try to maintain a healthy self-esteem, but that is not always the case, owing to negative thoughts, limitations, or stress. To a large extent, this was a valid and reliable measure of my personality. I can accept my strengths and weaknesses, display confidence, as well as persistence when it comes to difficult tasks that I want to succeed in.

Lastly, was the Self-Ratings of Needs Scale. The first personal need in which I scored higher results, was achievement. I always feel a need to accomplish things and enjoy when my efforts are recognized. This need motivates me to strive for success, to prevent the fear of failure. I also scored slightly higher results in power, which I do not fully agree with. In most situations I do not like to take charge, make major decisions, or be a leader figure. Therefore, I believe my results should have been on the moderately low side. When I display a need of power, it is typically when I want others to comply with my needs or wants, resulting in verbal arguments. Lastly, I displayed moderate results in the affiliation dimension.

I do not agree with the results pertaining to this aspect either. While my friendships and relationships with family are important to me, I do mind when I am alone, I am rather content and relaxed. I do not find myself motivated to make new relationships with people, I will be happy to, but do not go out of my way to. I also believe a high need for affiliation could have disadvantages. One disadvantage may be making such great efforts for the need, resulting in ignoring other important life goals. While this was an interesting assessment, I did not find it very valid or reliable, concerning my personality. My results were not valid in my opinion, even after reviewing the questions and really relating these aspects to my personal life.

In the workplace, I think personality assessments are important because they display the strengths and weaknesses of an employee, also allowing employers to place employees in the department that is best for them. As a daycare teacher, these personality assessments are important to me, because it crucial to be aware of such traits. When working with children some major personality traits I believe are important are openness, conscientiousness, and agreeableness.

When it comes to relationships with my loved ones, I believe that it is important to be aware of all the traits that were scored. The assessments were very beneficial, because they provided me with feedback that I do not recognize related to daily behaviors. Understanding personality preferences and traits, allows me to appreciate the differences between myself and others that are close to me. I think it’s important know and understand one another's personality types, this prevents pointing fingers when it comes to being right and wrong. This is true according to several issues including time management, schoolwork, decision making, and even household rules.

As for education, I presume that the personality assessments hold a value for my psychology major. In future, whichever career path I chose in the psychology field, forensic psychology or child psychology, being aware of such personality traits is very important. Personality assessments will be helpful not only referring to others that I may work with, but for understanding myself as best as I could. I believe that personality aligns with educational interests. Being intrigued in a specific subject of study, increases my performance in classes, compared to classes I do not feel I relate to, or find interest in.

In conclusion, the more you know yourself, the more you’re able to assert what is best for yourself in life, relationships or otherwise. These personality assessments taught me a lot about myself and confirmed aspects about myself that I was already aware of. While taking the personality assessments, I answered the questions honestly, avoiding social desirability to the best of my efforts. This way, my results would be accurate for my personal knowledge. Overall, I enjoyed this activity and hope to use personality assessments throughout my education and career as a psychology major.

Updated: Dec 17, 2021
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