My Opinion On Climate Change

It is spread worldwide that the climate is changing rapidly and becomes a serious danger. The weather can be extremely bipolar sometimes. Low temperatures one day, greatly high temperatures the very next day, droughts, floods. Other factors that affect the climate on Earth are deforestation, raising carbon emissions that are released by the burning of tropical forests and fossil fuels, many human activities have a major impact on global warming.

In general, people are split about evenly between those who say global warming is due to human activity versus those who believe it is from natural factors or not happening at all.

Considering the factors affecting the north pole coldest region on earth, which in fact for the last one hundred years it has changed in very low impacts with icebergs cracking and drifting apart to gravitational movement and sea erosion affecting the rise in the sea levels.

Another alarming fact is the lack of fresh water which also is an impact due to climate change.

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As an example, researchers point at Amman in Jordan. Drinkable water is pumped from a source which is located 400 m under the soil and is not regenerate. It is already known that in about 25 years this source will be empty.

There are other factors globally are mainly affected directly by human activities, the main concern is deforestation due to industrial uprising or the demand of land space for colonising new cities, buildings and even new roadways are factors affecting deforestation.

The increasing number in population and consumption of the Earth is also another factor that has to be taken into deep consideration given the timeline from 20 years ago to now and the future the rise will be at an estimated 11.

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2 billion by 2100. With the increasing number of population, the increase of garbage waste is a concern towards mother nature where more and more humans use plastic and non-degradable items which stays in the ocean and land for thousands of years contributing towards the change in the climate.

Usage of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases which emits gases such as methane and nitrous oxide towards the atmosphere are another impact in climate change even though these discoveries created many jobs for humanity, it also creates many other factors that affect the humanity in the long run for many years to come.

To overcome the above-mentioned problems, 146 countries have come together forming an alliance and submitted a national climate plan on curbing emissions. In order to protect the climate, for instance, more cars are driven towards the technology of hybrid slowly moving into green energy, solar panels, wind turbines replace fossil energy and nuclear plants, and many countries adopt saying no to plastic where they use biodegradable bags and utensils that bring the good towards nature. All these measures are taken towards an eminent state where nature and climate should be saved before it is too late.

Given all the above factors and findings, in my opinion climate change predictions cannot be considered much accurate, but nevertheless we are living in a planet that has been providing us with a suitable environment for a better living and we are responsible for the safety of our planet and we owe this apart from all for the future generations to thrive and admire the gift of a healthy planet with a healthy life.

Updated: Feb 19, 2024
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