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My Opinion About Courage

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The word “courage” has so many layers to its meaning. Everyone defines it according to their own experiences. One can witness so many examples if observed closely. Our parents facing every problem with their heads held high and smile on their face. A daily paid worker, who doesn’t know where his next meal will come from.

I have had a handful experiences in life to define the word courage. Of course I have read about it a lot. It’s one of the perks of loving books.

You read about human emotions and life in general. Courage is one of the most common qualities that we see in the protagonists of the books we read. It’s symbolized in the form of a protagonist with a sword. He fights the bad guys, protects his country and people praise him for it. Or else it’s the protagonist whose courage makes her break all barriers and be happy.

I recently came across a tale of courage.

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Let’s call the female protagonist of this tale Sunita. Sunita is an old lady I know, may be in her 50s or 60s. She doesn’t know her actual age. She is a god fearing lady with a content heart. Whenever she talks to me, she has a big smile on her face. It lights up the mood of anyone who meets her.

One day while I was talking to her, she told me that she had a hard childhood. I like to listen when people talk to me about life.

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I asked her the reason she said that. She told me that her mother died when she was in her early teens, may be 12 or 13. Her father remarried and her new mom was not good to her. She would send her out of the house at six in the morning, to fetch for herself every day. “I have earned everything for myself since that age” Sunita told me.

After that Sunita’s phone rang and she left. I kept wondering even after she was gone that how could she have fetched for herself at such a young age? All I had to worry about in that age was my homework. And even then she had no grudge against the world. She doesn’t think the world owes her. She never takes money or even grains that she hasn’t earned. She goes to the gurudwara and donates it to the service of others.

Her story inspired me. It made me feel empowered myself. I felt grateful for the opportunities I have had. I am glad I talked to Sunita and learned about her life. She didn’t just live her life courageously but is inspiring others who see her doing that so gracefully.

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