My Life Has Been Lived By Nothing Else

Though I grew up with nothing and was part of the lower-class, I did not let it hold me back from thriving and becoming a successful country man today.  the expectations of Epicurus. “… owene sone, That heeld opinion that plein delit Was verray felicitee parfit” . Being an epicurean has brought me nothing but happiness and wellbeing in life. I am not greedy with my earned wealth nor do I ever intend to be. Sharing the pleasures of the world with others not only brings them happiness but also myself.

I should be regarded as high-status because I have gave meaning to my name. Through showing I have hard work habits, beliefs, and generosity others should offer their respects.

My demenier might not stand out much, I am just a man with a“ Whit was his beard as is the dayseye; Of his complexion he was sanguin”. Part of my humor sanguin, is part of my blood which is hot and moist.

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Coming from nothing I do not carry much on my body just my dagger and my white purse. I do not indulge in spending my wealth on personal belongs, I prefer to spend it on things that cause greater pleasure in life. Though, gold and cloaks may seem nice for someone’s appearance along with getting respect from others based on looks. I choose to spend my wealth on things that come from the world to nourish myself along with others and bring true happiness. I made a name for myself by working my way up in status starting as a sheriff.

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I gained a lot of respect and trust by helping people and not only enforcing the law on others but by having consideration for others. Because I was so trustworthy and hardworking a judge always had “ A Frankelain…in his compaignye”. After years of hard work I finally made my way to being a member of the parliament.

Being a epicurean, a disciple of the greek philosopher and believing the pleasures of the world brings true happiness. I not only had the patients to wait for my life to flourish, I also gained knowledge on how to appreciate what you have no matter what life gives you. I wake up every morning and indulge in a breakfast I “… loved he by the morwe a sop in win.” I have a large house and I love entertaining others and allowing them to enjoy the pleasures of the I worked to attain. “ An housholdere and that a great was he: Saint Julian he was in his contree”: I was always being referred the saint of hospitality. I appreciate what I have by sharing it, it brings true happiness to others. Walking into my house the table always has food covering it no matter what time of the day. People say it is like it rained wine and hailed food at my house. I pride myself in having all the equally high quality foods for others to indulge in when they come to visit me. They say “ his breed, his ale, was always after oon”. People come from miles away to experience my possessions. I truly see the happiness in everyone that I welcome into my home. No matter if they are poor or wealthy I want everyone to to experience the pleasures that life has brought to me in this world for true happiness.

Starting with nothing other than my beliefs then building my way up by showing hard work and honesty. It taught me how to be generous and the importance to show and share the true pleasures of life. I have given meaning to my name in a good manner, where others feel welcomed and comfortable in my home.I am highly known for my hospitality and all of my high quality foods I get that this earth provides for true happiness. I have worked hard to get my life where it is today. Even though my demeanor does not resembles who I am as a person, I have shown my honesty, hard work, and generosity. Everything I have done in order to be able to have a huge house, and high quality foods that I have my table covered with at all times of the day. People say “Was nowhere swich a worthy vavasour”. Everything I have done to give my name meaning shows, I deserve to be classified as high-status and be shown respect by others.

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