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My Last Duchess Essay Examples

Essay on My Last Duchess

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"My Last Duchess" by Robert Browning

The imagery brought to the reader's mind as the Duke is entertaining the emissary is chilling. Browning's comparison between the Duke and Neptune increase the mysterious effect. As the Duke explains that he refuses to allow his next wife to behave the way the late Duchess did, mystery sets in as it makes the reader question if he is capable of committing this crime again, and how the Duchess was ...

"My Last Duchess" By Robert Browning

Robert Browning's dramatic monologues allow the reader a different kind of enjoyment, the pleasure of getting involved in the story line; a type of "detective fiction." Browning allows his readers to find out on their own what is really going on in the story and Miller points readers in the right direction for understanding the true meaning. The lead character tells his account of the situation an...

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Dramatic Monologue as a Type of Poetry

A Dramatic Monologue may or may not have all three characteristics. For instance, the poem "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold does not take place at a critical moment. Yet, it is considered a dramatic monologue as it is uttered by a single speaker, and it has an implied auditor, the speaker's love, whom he addresses in the last stanza "Ah, love, let us be true". Thus the dramatic monologue is flexibl...

The relationship between men and women in Browning's poems

In conclusion, I think that in both poems, Browning based his writing on what appealed to the audience the most. As there are so many techniques used in the two poems that make me want to read on. Also he bases the stories of the poems on things that does affect us and things that we do have interest in. The use of the historical background makes readers think of opinions and the use of the unwind...

A True Depiction of Renaissance Period in Italy

Clearly, Italian Renaissance acts as the setting of My Last Duchess. It can be inferred from as simple as the chosen location where the plot transpired to the historical resemblance of the story with the marriage of an actual duke. Importantly, the dominant themes of the poem undoubtedly characterize the period. It gives the readers a picture of how a Renaissance duke actually behaves and what are...

My Last Duchess

Had the poem illustrated the Dukes first wife it could have been titled My First Duchess. The startling "command" line toward the end of the poem lets the reader realize that this man has the power to make a woman be remembered by nothing more than a portrait controlled by the master of the house. This poem has themes commonly found in the local color movement and associated with feminism. Brownin...

My Last Duchess Analysis

However, we do realize that the Duke often attempts to stretch the truth and use his words to alter his listeners’ perception of and attitude towards certain things, most notably the speaker himself. This style of writing allows for the speaker to have a certain amount of control over the language of the story as well as the world that the speaker presents in the story. Although this is true, th...

"My Last Duchess" by By Robert Browning

Also, the structure of the poem, written in iambic pentameter combined with rhyming couplets. This is a very fixed and closed structure which may be interpreted as an actual reflection of the very intense control The Duke desired to have over his wife. Finally, the social impact of the poem was important. It is possible that the poem was controversial, due to the fact that it dared to speculate in...

Comparative Study Between Ulysess and My Last Duchess

The use of language to present the subject matter is important for both poets. In Ulysses, the poet builds up a picture of the characters inactiveness by using words such as "still", "dull" and "pause". These adjectives create an understanding of what life is like for Ulysses, and this is then contrasted with words of his past such as "roaming", "ringing" and "windy". These words create a contrast...

Monologue and Attitude Revealed through Browning’s ‘My Last Duchess’

Finally, the talk of arranging his new marriage with the father of his future bride suggests how women were not allowed to express an opinion even to the important topic of whom to spend the rest of their life with. Women were commodities traded upon by men and they have price tags called dowries. By showing the Count’s emissary the painting of his former wife and telling him why he didn’t lik...

My Last Duchess and La Belle Dame Sans Merci Comparison

Conclusively, the three poems all share a variety of power dynamics that are all explored. The most common theme was that of which gender was more dominant and which gender was controlled. This was mostly explored in 'My Last Duchess' and 'A woman to her lover'. Inevitably this led on to the topic of equality, and it is in this way that egalitarian power was brought to light. Even 'La Belle Dame S...

Summary of a poem My Last Duchess

At that point he says, even without minding what he is stating, that he "offered orders" to stop every one of her grins together. That implies he offered requests to execute her. The murder of his own better half and the manner in which he indiscreetly takes, is stunning and appalling. The duke is an ideal accumulation of every shrewd quality, the abuse of intensity and the outrageous persecution ...

FAQ about My Last Duchess

How the Characters of Macbeth and the Duke in My Last Duchess Can Be Considered to Be Disturbed Characters

...Browning purposely uses the next lines to show the Duke has given to much away, ‘Will’t thee please rise?’ This refers to his psychological state as he has revealed that he doesn’t care about killing his spouse but he is worried about reveali ...

How are characters presented as disturbed in Macbeth, Laboratory and My Last Duchess?

...The largest and most obvious variance between these two highly interpreted pieces of literature is that Laboratory is actually a poem of emotion and the outburst of frustration. The persona in Laboratory can be argued to be neurotic because of her in ...

Explore the ways in which Shakespeare presents Lady Macbeth and Browning presents the speakers in Porphyria’s Lover, My Last Duchess and the Laboratory

...In conclusion both Browning and Shakespeare present the characters as powerful and manipulative. Browning uses pronouns in both ‘The Laboratory’ and ‘My Last Duchess’ in order to show the relationships between the characters. Shakespeare also ...

Compare how women are presented in: Anne Hathaway; Sonnet 130; My Last Duchess and Salome

...In both poems by Carol Ann Duffy the viewpoint is from a woman whilst in the other two it is a man's perspective being shown. This has an effect on how the women are viewed. Humour is present in both Salome and Sonnet 130 whilst My Last Duchess and A ...

How are the relationships between men and women represented in "My Last Duchess", "First Love" and "How do I love thee"?

...In "My Last Duchess", the Duke is a proud man, he is confident and very arrogant, and the relationship is portrayed as unequal and is dominated by pride and not love. In "First Love", the woman is in control and the man is broken hearted because his ...

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