My Interested about Lawyer Career

Being a Lawyer was an interesting profession back in the early 19th century. Lawyers would start learning from a more experienced lawyer. They also would learn by sitting in on a court case and reading legal documents. Lawyers weren’t liked that much, but that did change after a while. Definition of lawyers are advocate for their client’s interest. Also, they are planner, arranger, and administrator of affairs.

Lawyers were always male, but there were a few exceptions to that (Law Library of Congress).

One of those was Myra Bradwell (Law Library of Congress). Myra Bradwell completed schooling and passed the bar (which is the test for becoming a lawyer), but she was not allowed to practice her profession (Law Library of Congress). In 1872, she filed a petition to the U.S Supreme Court (Law Library of Congress). After she was denied her appeal with Illinois Supreme Court (Law Library of Congress).

When the first colonials came to the new land, the lawyers would focus on public practices like land disputes, debt, and trade (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015).

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The people who wanted to become lawyers only had two ways to do it. They had to accomplish one of the four Inns of Court, which originally was English law schools in London (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015). Where they would be before immigrating to America or would go back to London for training (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015). In the 19th century, a lawyer’s role was as an advocate in debates (Hurst, James Willard, June 1967).

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Gentlemen's interests played out with courtroom drama (Hurst, James Willard, June 1967). Some people thought the court was more interested in competition than resolving issues (Hurst, James Willard, June 1967).

After the civil war the courtrooms become defined for criminal, civil, and others. Pennsylvania lawyers had a good business in prosecute shipping and courts (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015). They also do insurance issues (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015). That would stem from piracy at happen to cargo ships. But this does have a distinct maritime court (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015).

When it was in 1802, 72 lawyers molded the company called the Law Library of Philadelphia (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015). This company shared access to law books for everyone to use (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015). Also, the library shares were valued at twenty dollars and the members would also have to pay yearly dues of two dollars (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015). When 1821 happen 67 lawyers started the American bar association, which is Law Association of Philadelphia (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015). The library and law Association of Philadelphia did fuse together in 1827 (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015).

There was also, a newspaper called Legal Intelligencer. It is the oldest daily legal newspaper in America (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015). The newspaper talks about legal news and notices, opinions, and gossip on the activities of lawyers and firms (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015). Thought that this was in Quakers territory, the lawyers from the city at were still mainly upper class and conservation (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015). They were uncaring to the abolition cause (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015).

When a person decides to be a lawyer in the 19th century, it was a respectful career. It was a formal career that men were only allowed to do. A few women got the education to be a lawyer but were not allowed to practice. In some instances, women weren’t allowed to take the bar.

In the early 1800s some colleges did begin a professorship and did lecture about law (Katcher, Susan, 2006). The problem was that this did not help with legal training (Katcher, Susan,2006). But if a person went to college and graduated, then they would shorten the apprenticeships (Katcher, Susan,2006). One college that was well-known for legal studies was Litchfield School (Katcher, Susan,2006). In the 1820’s into 1830’s law schools start to join a university (Katcher, Susan,2006). No one is sure why, but they did make agreement that people who were in the legal studies could get their degree (Katcher, Susan,2006). But sadly, the university that did join law schools started to petered out in the middle of the 19th century (Katcher, Susan,2006). Because only fewer than ten school still existed and all together they had 345 students (Katcher, Susan,2006). Some other America universities that teach law course also (Mayberry, Jodine, 2015).

One of the colleges that all legal education rules grow from was Harvard law school (UpCounsel, 2018). Harvard law school was founded in 1817 and established the standard legal education when it makes the normalize system for the legal education (UpCounsel, 2018). The system was grounded on Socratic method (UpCounsel, 2018). Which is when the student will ask a question to the professor and gain knowledge from the question (UpCounsel, 2018).

One form of train for lawyers was doing an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is for someone who is working occupation for a career, like lawyer (Jacoby, Daniel, 2004). Also, it’s a contact that is a legal document, which talks about terms of the agreement (Jacoby, Daniel, 2004). They would start their apprenticeship that the age of 14 through 17 and stay until their twenty-first birthday (Jacoby, Daniel, 2004). So, they would stay for 5 to 8 years to complete their apprenticeship (Jacoby, Daniel, 2004). But with some desire apprenticeship like lawyer, merchants, and others. Parents would pay in advance to the one in charge of the place (Jacoby, Daniel, 2004). Also, apprenticeships required parents and/or guardians to sign the contact to make it a legal document (Jacoby, Daniel, 2004).

In 1848, there was a law that pass at let the lawyers to create or control the cost or the fees of their services (Leubsdorf, John). Also, stated that the amount of the payment be left to the agreement, direct, or indirect of the parties (Leubsdorf, John). This allow the recovery of the lawyer’s fees at costs twenty dollars (Leubsdorf, John). This the regularly recovery cost for a trail but in difficult or extraordinary case the courtroom may allow the fee up to ten percent of any redemption cost up to five hundred dollars and five percent of any extra left over (Leubsdorf, John). When some lawyers were doing this, other elite lawyers were charging much more (Leubsdorf, John).

As was stated before there were a few exceptions, like the first one at was mention was Myra Bradwell. Another one is Arabella Mansfield, this is getting mention because she was the first female lawyer. Arabella Mansfield was the first women to pass the bar test in Henry County in 1869 (Young, Donald E, 2018). Before she became a lawyer, she was a teacher at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa (Young, Donald E, 2018). But a year later she went to Mount Pleasant to get a master’s degree at Iowa Wesleyan (Young, Donald E, 2018). Also, when she was doing an apprenticeship that her brothers law office in Mount Pleasant (Young, Donald E, 2018). Arabella continue to do her apprenticeship even after she got marry to John Mansfield (Young, Donald E, 2018). Arabella passed her bar test in 1869, even though the state limited it to any white male (Young, Donald E, 2018). She did go to get an appeal and the court say that approve to stated at male person to can be accepted, this does not obscure denial to females’ rights (Young, Donald E, 2018).

In 1820 the first native America from the tribe Choctaw became a lawyer (James McDonald,2013). He name was James McDonald and he was the first native Indian train as a lawyer (James McDonald,2013). He also became a legal advisor to the Choctaw tribe (James McDonald,2013). Also, James on American politics ideals to help defend Indians rights (James McDonald,2013). This help lay the groundwork for future claims to the US (James McDonald,2013).

In 1844, the first Africa American lawyer and he was Macon Bolling Allen (AAREG,2018). Macon was from Indiana and grew up as a free man (AAREG,2018). Marcon taught himself to read and write (AAREG,2018). After a while he got a job as a schoolhouse teacher and this also help him with improving his reading and writing (AAREG,2018). In the early 1840’s Marcon move to Portland Maine (AAREG,2018). He studied law there and worked as a law clerk for General Samuel Fessenden (AAREG,2018). General Samuel Fessenden was a local abolitionist and lawyer (AAREG,2018). On July 3, 1844, passed Maine’s bar test and was grant a license to practice law (AAREG,2018).

The most famous lawyer in 1800’s was Abraham Lincoln (Tulane University, 2018). Lincoln, he taught himself to be a lawyer (Tulane University, 2018). He endlessly studied by reading law books and lager segments of former legal cases (Tulane University, 2018). In 1836, Lincoln at age 25 pass and got his license to practice law (Tulane University, 2018). The way he became the most famous because his skillful at accomplishment obligations (Tulane University, 2018). This made client come all over to have him representative them in legal matters (Tulane University, 2018). With his ability for speak and write got him to get the spotlight of the best lawyer in the nation (Tulane University, 2018).

The reason why I would desire this occupation is that I would want to help the people need of help and the people who are innocent. Even those women were not allowed to be lawyers. I would want to show them that the gender of the lawyers should not matter. As long the person wants to help the people, I don’t see why the gender of the lawyer should matter.


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Updated: Dec 17, 2021
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