My Hero Is My Father

Everyone has someone who has made an impact on his/her life. It can changed the view of this world. Sometimes people can get a hope from the person or the organization to change their life path. Since I have learned the differences between cons and pros, I found my self oriented to my father behavior. A father in love with his daughter. I love him even he is not alive any more. Although he passed away years ago, his advices and recommendations are still in my memory.

He studied in a collage of oil and gas, and worked for the company in Iran named National Iranian Oil company. My brothers and I were proud of our parent. He was a strong family man who was devoted to providing the best he could for his family. I believe we were luckiest kids alive to have had two such loving parents.

I firmly believe that my parents had impacts on shaping my future life.

Especially my father effects on me most of the time when he were alive.

body: Education

My father always surrounded by books and newspapers that gave me a sense of reading. I grew up in this environment. When I was five years old, my father gave me a book as a gift on my birthday which have had big impact on me since I remember. One of the book that I love it is “The little prince” by Antoine de saint Exupery . My dad gave this to me when I left high school and whenever I see the cover I recall him.

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Reading a lot of different book helps improve my writing and my communication skills. I gain a lot of knowledge about the world around me by reading books.

Behavior The lessons that my father taught me are very valuable for me. He always taught me to speak the truth, because it is the first step that will take me to success. He told me to be honest with everyone and every thing. This is the path of success in the future. Another value that he told me is to respect the elders and to love those who are younger. By respecting the elders, I will get prayers from them and by giving love to those who are younger, I will feel an internal peace.

Personality My dad taught me help myself first try before I as for help. I am patient and determined, since I have tried hard to reach my goal and never complain. I have learned all these values from my father who devote his life to help me build up my personality. Being independent makes it easier to make decisions for me. I don’t rely on others

Conclusion To me he is the greatest hero. Undoubtedly, parents play an important role in child’s development.

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My Hero Is My Father
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