My Favorite Singer Maria Calais as a Diva

To enable us to comment on Maria Callas as an operatic diva, it is initially required to establish whether she have all the specified attributes generally related to the term. The conductor Sir Charles Mackerras believes there must be an ‘aura’, however ‘there also has to be something uncommon as well as proficient about a queen, something engaging about her character’ (referral). This was definitely real of Maria Meneghini Callas.

The opening paragraph of the newspaper evaluation describes her gifts as ‘strange ones, not exactly similar to those of any other vocalist’ (referral).

Winthrop Sargent even goes so far as to talk about it’s ‘reediness and it’s tendency to wobble a little’ (referral). However far from interfering with her overall performance, he says she utilizes it to demonstrate a ‘fiery conveyance for female passion’ (recommendation).

This is due to the fact that it is the overall performance that made Ms Callas such a memorable entertainer. It is the ‘total remarkable forecast’ that exemplified her on stage performances.

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She does indeed handle ‘to make the character and her situation appear genuine’ (reference p. 177). This is specifically prevelant when she is singing in the tape-recorded piece.

Naturally it is extremely hard to talk about this complete series of theatrical abilities when only evaluating a paper arcticle and an audio recording; particularly when the review is not of the actual taped piece. Missing out on is the visual element of Ms Callas efficiency, which was excited over as being ‘as extremely observant and gripping even by the requirements of the legitimate stage’.

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(recommendation) There are, however, really couple of visual recordings of the opera from this time, so we need to respond on often heavily edited singing recordings and posts such as these, composed for popular intake, towards completion of her profession.

But despite these, by modern standards, media restrictions, the newspaper article does help to put Ms Callas singing qualities into context and perspective. She is obviously a more than competent singer, her unique voice is not ‘dime a dozen’ (reference) for the review describes it as ‘impeccable’ (reference). The article can also be seen as conferring on her the ‘something compelling’ element of Sir Charles’ description. Her interpretation is reported as being a ‘highly personal interpretation’ which was an ‘electrifying fusion of music, theatre and personality that opera goers are only occasionally privileged to witness’. (reference). So the combinations of the singing talents, her acting ability and her sheer personality on stage all combine to make Maria Callas a genuine operatic diva.

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