My Favorite Football Player

Tom Brady just won his 6th SuperBowl in 19 years. He is the only player to ever accomplish this amazing streak. Some people argue that he is the greatest football player of all time, while others say he’s just an average QB. How could there be this much of a divide? Well we’re about to get to that.

Here are the reasons people argue Tom Brady is the greatest. In the regular season, Brady has a career record of 183 wins and only 52 losses.

Tom Brady has won at least 10 games in every season. Brady is currently fourth for career passing yards at 61,582 and he has 456 touchdowns. He also has had a 97.3 QB rating which is 3rd best in history. Brady has had 49 game-winning drives, which has him currently third all time.

In 2016, Brady put together one of the greatest 12-game runs in NFL history. He ended the year throwing for 3,554 yards and 28 touchdowns with only two interceptions. He did all that at the age of 39.

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All of these numbers have helped the Patriots win 14 AFC East titles in 15 seasons with Brady. Those 14 division titles are more than any other NFL quarterback has won. Brady has been rewarded for his dominant play, winning Player of the Week 27 times, earning Pro Bowl honors 12 times, being named First-Team All-Pro twice, and winning two NFL MVP awards. There is not a better quarterback in the regular season than Brady.

The second reason Tom Brady is great is his Postseason production. Brady has won 24 playoff games, more than any other quarterback.

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He has lost nine playoff games, but played in 33 playoff games. Brady has won 6 Super Bowls. He also has won four Super Bowl MVPs, and is tied for the most ever. He has already played in 9 Super Bowls and his seventh is Super Bowl 51 and that is the most for any quarterback. In the playoffs, Brady leads the NFL with his 8,628 yards and 61 touchdowns. The 61 scores are 16 more than Montana, who is second on that list. Peyton Manning is second all-time with his 7,339 playoff passing yards, 1,289 yards behind Brady. If you just focus on the Super Bowl, Brady also leads all quarterbacks with 1,605 yards and 13 touchdowns. Just like he did in the regular season, Brady also plays well when the game was on the line. Brady holds the record for most game-winning drives in NFL playoff history with nine, almost double Montana (5).

Here are some reasons people would argue Tom is not the greatest of all time. Unlike individual sports like tennis or golf, championship rings aren’t an accurate way to judge an individual’s greatness in team sports, particularly in football. Many say that Tom Brady has the greatest coach of all time,so how much credit can we really give Tom when Bill Belichick has been by his side for every moment of his career? Furthermore, the 17 seasons that Tom Brady has been a starting quarterback, the Patriots have had 13 top 10 defenses. Some of his competitors have had much less help from the other side of the ball; Peyton Manning had 7 top defenses in 17 seasons, Drew Brees had 2 in 15 seasons, and Aaron Rodgers had 2 in 9 seasons. In those 15 seasons the Patriots ranked an average of 7.6 in defense twice. They ranked 15th in 2002 where they missed the playoffs and 17th in 2006 where they lost in the divisional round. Some people also argue that TB12 is not the greatest because he does not have as much natural talent as some other QBs. For example Patrick Mahomes has a stronger arm and is much faster.

In conclusion there is a strong argument for both sides. Some would say he is the best because of regular and postseason stats and six Superbowl rings. You could also say he is not the greatest of all time because he is surrounded by a legendary coach and great teammates every year. I personally think that Tom Brady is in fact the greatest of all time. Even if you disagree with that everyone can agree that Tom is a pretty good football player.

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