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My Childhood and Goals

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (681 words)
Categories: Child, Childhood, Goals
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A few days ago, I recalled my childhood again and how growing up with poor parents denied me the basic needs. This left me in tears. Although, my father supported my brothers and me, the little way he could before his passing. After secondary school, though young and inquisitive, I was left with complex choices of what exactly I wanted to study. I loved to explore devices, honestly machines generally. And each time I did, my father would say ‘it’s useless if you can’t live off of it’.

My passion was to discover the life of every device. When I discovered that a lot was connected to energy. I began to learn the engineering behind electricity. I replaced damaged bulbs and fuses in the house, resolved faulty connections, and made adjustments to wiring circuits for neighbors. Engineering was no longer just a nerdy pursuit; it was a medium to a solution. It could be a way to a career, doing the things I love.

I developed an interest in electricity. This shaped the choice of my undergraduate studies. I read about Michael Faraday, Albert Einstein, etc., and their miracles to energy. I regard this as very impressive, as we rely on their discoveries today.

After graduation, I knew that every engineer needs to build certain skills including leadership, business adeptness, management, communication, etc., that would make him finest in life. Studying abroad shapes who you are and how you view the world. Deciding on abroad study in Sweden has not been a clear-cut process for me. I desire to improve the systems that directly affect people’s daily lives through renewable energy and Sweden offers that opportunity. Sweden is a graduate education paradise. Unlike any other country, in Sweden, you will find many world top-ranked universities, countless affordable courses to choose among, globally valued degrees that promise a high-flying career and affordable living costs.

The environment allows for the creation of new ideas, which spur science, technology, art and literature, and thought. Interestingly, technology has united the world, creating learning opportunities and globalizing businesses, but not leaders. Study in Sweden produces global leaders with not just language skills, but with bi-cultural competencies that are more than just knowing how to shake hands. Many programs in other countries lack this international component in their curriculum. Sweden offers one of the most unforgettable experiences that anyone should never miss, including academics, resource materials, a serene environment for research, creativity, and recreation.

Study in Sweden will help me see Nigeria through a new lens and to appreciate the difference in both cultures and technology. What worked at home may not work abroad. I will also develop self-confidence and insight into human behavior, increase my adaptability, be more independent, learn the Swedish language, explore new places like , meet new people; build networks through internships, workshops, and conferences, and advance my career internationally.

Challenges tempt me so much. I would risk it and decide that I should get out of nothing but a winner. Problem-solving is important to me to help society and myself. As a renewable energy engineer, I am passionate about tackling the power problems in rural Africa. Many people in Nigeria, especially rural dwellers find it difficult to access electricity because they are off-grid, and others are exposed to serious health hazards resulting from exposure to emissions. The government is not doing enough. The knowledge and cultural experience gained after studies will be used to tackle the electricity problems in Nigeria. I will be involved in solar electricity production to boost availability as consumers can generate, store excess power and use the power on demand, significantly reducing the need to buy power off the grid. My projects will include solar-power microgrid service in rural areas, >100MW scale rooftop solar panels for homes, solar kits for health center equipment and small scale businesses. This project will make power available, create employment, curtail climate issues, waste, pollution and boost economic prosperity for the continent. With this scholarship, I will focus on my studies to make electricity possible for all, instead of worrying about being rich.

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