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Music Industry Essay Examples

Essay on Music Industry

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Globalization in the Music industry

...Hopefully, as the future of music and globalization proceeds, we will see a convergence between the music industry, artists and consumers that will benefit all parties. Globalization has the power to ruin industries or propel them to heights unseen. In the case of the music industry, although it has been affected negatively in the past, recent data shows that for the first time in years, the music industry has seen growth due to globalization and the widespread popularity of the artist Adele (Bl...

Spotify Case Study

...As a conclusion, Spotify is a company who reached its target in five years and succeeded to establish its strategy and its business model in a really competitive market. As a start-up, the company had to manage competitive advantage to optimise its growth and build its notoriety. The streaming music Industry is one of the most competitive markets, with more than a hundred of streaming music services around the world. Be renowned in such competitive market is to be different from competitors in o...

Simon Cowell

...He also reportedly gave Hussainy a £5million mansion in Beverly Hills as a parting gift. In December of the same year, Cowell confirmed that he was dating actress and model Carmen Electra. The relationship only lasted a few months, with Cowell confirming that the two had separated in early 2013. In 2009, Cowell revealed that he had no intention of having children, stating, "With kids, you've got a routine you can't escape from. You've got to be up at a certain time, got to listen, when all you...

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Spotify Company

...Spotify is also connected with Youtube and Twitter, those two plus Facebook are the powerhouse of today’s social networking. Spotify targets a lot of people all over. All people from different age groups use Spotify for their own excitement. Spotify also has its own essential skills that makes it different from any other music sharing site. A Radio feature available to Spotify Free, Unlimited and Premium accounts, which creates a random playlist of songs chosen based on specified genres and de...

Sharing is Caring

...When Napster was shut down in 2001, it had about twenty million users. Today, there are an excess of ten times that many people using similar programs all over the world. With each year coming out with better and new technology, more and more legislation is brought upon to control the outbreak of technology. But it seems as though these legislations are not keeping problems off the internet. The lack of regulations on the internet and the rise of more computer literate people have caused legisla...

Alan Freed and the Payola Scandal

...The great professor and historian, Lord Acton, is quoted as saying, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This notion is evident on both ends of the rock n’ roll spectrum on one end Alan Freed was said to “be drunk with power” (Palmer 23), so much so that he failed to see the danger in overbooking venues, was charged with encouraging riotous behavior among teens and a general failure to realize the detriment that would come to his livelihood if he continued to challe...

The Impact of Internet on Indian Punjabi Music Industry

...Western music industries began to feel the reduction of consumer demands. Consumers were able to obtain the hit music tracks through the above methods, then compiles it through CD burning or compilations. These self-made music compilations had tremendously decreased the demands of the consumers. Meanwhile, Punjabi music industries were not able to avoid this problem, and in fact, due to their massive free downloads advertisements, the demands to these types of music also declined, especially dur...

Ethical Challenges in the Media

...Student papers are archived to facilitate crosschecking. The plagiarism checker is not simply a punitive tool, but is also instructive, as students can run their papers through it before submission and learn whether they have borrowed too heavily from the literature or used proper citation. What other steps do you think could be implemented to deal with this problem? Another step that can be implemented to deal with this problem would be for students to seek proper plagiarism tutorial class to a...

Illegal Downloading

...The government needs to step in the fight against illegal music downloads by setting up agencies and departments to monitor and control the same. Legal actions should be taken against those found engaging in illegal music download and heavy fines and penalties imposed on the culprits to punish them. Get legal settlements to compensate the musicians and deter and discourage other potential illegal music down-loaders. There should be also financial implications for any individual, company, group o...

Music Business

...Today the recorded music is a declining business and that the new music economy is primarily based on revenues from licensing and concerts. However, consumers demands for recorded music is greater than ever. While the worldwide sales of music CDs have dropped rapidly since 2000, the total number of songs acquired by consumers legally or illegally via various peer-to-peer networks has dramatically increased. It is estimated that for every track legally downloaded online, 20 songs are being illega...

FAQ about Music Industry

How The Internet has Affected the Music Industry

...So despite the early indications that all this technology would go to waste, Microsoft, the record companies and Internet companies seem to have sorted themselves out. The Internet may have once been a huge enemy for the music industry, but it seems ...

How Has Music Marketing Changed over the Years and Where Does the Future of the Music Press Lie?

...If things continue developing in this way, the future of the music press will all be technology based. Eventually music magazines wont be making enough money and will be taken off the shelves and more and more industries will be online based. What is ...

What Is Social Commentary Art & Why It Is Important

...Ultimately what I have discovered is to think about when making social commentary art for myself what am I making it for and what impact is it that I want it to have, what change am I striving for, what change do I want to see, that my music can cham ...

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