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Multiple Personality Disorder in Three Faces of Eve

How profound must it have been for the two psychiatrists to stmble upon the first recorded case of multiple personality disorder (MPD). This discovery opened the eyes of people all around the world and was arguably the reason for the massive rise in diagnoses for MPD. The movie is based on a true story of a woman named Chris Costner Sizemore, in the movie she is referred to as Eve White along with her two other personalities Eve black and Jane.

The movie illustrates how two psychiatrists, Corbett H. Thigpen and Hervey M. Cleckley, diagnose Eve white and her multiple personalities.

The movie begins with the husband of Eve and herself at Dr. luthers office which her new psychiatrists who she was refereed to by her original doctor. He begins by asking her why she is there and she tells him. She says that she thinks she has a case of amnesia and that she has headaches before it all happens.

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She claims that she cannot remember anything that happens to her when she gets these “spells”. ( this is what she calls the MPD before she finds out what it really is) Dr. luther asked her what she meant by speels and she claims that she first gets a splitting headache and then she becomes conscious at a later time with no recollection of where she was or what she did between the headache and that point. The husband said that when she would have these spell that he did not notice much of a difference.

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The doctor sends them on their way and tells eve to come back every few weeks. Her does not get the sever headeaches as much and she doesn’t have any more blackouts.

About a year later she gets another black out and the husband comes home to find out that eve has purchased dresses that she claims she never bought. He begins to yell at her and it snaps her back to Eve Black who then tries to kill the daughter for telling the husband about the dresses. They end up going back to Dr. Luther and the husband tells him what she did and she does not remember at all. She thinks that she is losing her mind and says that she is hearing voices. She said it was going on for months and it is a womans voice who tells her to do things. The doctor asked what the voices tell her to do and she claims that the voice tells her to leave her husband.

Mrs. White begins to get angry and she comes out as Eve black for the first time in the presence of Dr. luther. Dr luther becomes astonished by what is happeneing and he gets the reasurence from his partner Dr. Dave. They find out the Eve black knows everything about Eve white but Eve white doesn’t know anything about Eve black. When she is in her black stage she claims that she is not married and does not have a child. Then she says that she wants to come out as Eve Black and stay that way. The doctors have a conversation with Mrs. Black and when they say Mrs. White she automatically turns back and doesn’t remember anything that she said.

On May 17, 1952 she was admitted into a psychiatric section of the Universty hospital for evaluation and treatment. Her first week she did very well but the doctor could not figure out if or when he should inform her of the suppressed personality of Eve black. When he brings up her marriage in conversation that she is not happily married because she loves him but she does not think that he loves her and that he cannot please him. She ends up changing that night into eve black and tries to seduce one of the workers at the hospital. The man ends up calling doctor luther and he tries to convince Eve black not to come back anymore but she denies the request. Then she tries to seduce the doctor and at that point he really scares her. He threatens to lock up both personalities in asylum. She becomes afraid doesn’t act up as much. The he tells her that he wants to introduce mrs. Black to Mrs. Eve. When this happens she snaps back to mrs. White and the doctor then informs her of what MPD is and tells her that she has it. Later the doctor tries to explain the diagnoses to Ralph her husband.

Ralph does not understand so he shows him by making her shange her personalities in front of him. She was in the hospital for about two weeks and they let her go because she was now aware of her mental disorder and so was her husband. Her husband got a new job in Jacksonville florida so he moved away but Eve was not allowed to go with him because of doctors orders. This decision caused a separation that caused unexpected consequences. She began to go out every night and getting drunk in Eve blacks personality.

Her husband ends up finding out and becomes very angry. So he gets a hotel room not to far away after they get into a fight and Eve black shows up at his door step in a new dress and she tries to seduce him. He claims he has never seen her drink and do the things she was doing before. He then asks Mrs black to go back to Jacksonville with him. She bribes him by saying she want him to buy her a dress before she has sex with him. When they get back she goes out one last time and when she gets home Ralph gets very angry and leaves her again. (slpas her and walks out the door)

Eve black shows up at the doctors office because shes afraid that Eve white tried to kill herself. When the doctor put her in a hypnosis she woke up in the third personality (jane). That is the name she came up with for herself. At this point there were three personalities the doctor had to deal with. In one of the interviews with the doctor eve white says that she wants jane to be the one to stay alive. She says this because when jane was with her daughter, the daughter said that she liked jane. After that is when she gets into a very important part of the movie. Jane explains the weekend and the feelings that eve white had when she had to get under the house to grab a ball for her daughter.

She said that when she was under the house she felt like a little girl and it became a flashback. When the doctor brings up what Jane said under hypnosis she becaomes very afraid and has a flashback of when she was six years old. She doesn’t want to remember the memory. When she finaly figures out what happened Mrs. White and Eve black die. Jane becomes the only personality and can remember everything that happened in her life. The doctor finally uncovered the suppressed memory that cause the personality split when she was six years old and it solved her problem. The suppressed memory was found out to be when eves mother forced her to kiss the face of a dead person at a funeral and she didn’t want to do it. That is when the personality split.

In my opinion this movie was really cool because I have never seen anyone who was diagnosed with MPD. I think it must have been an amazing experience to be the first two doctors to ever diagnose someone with MPD. I could not imagine being eve white or have multiple personalities. I think that it would be frightening to have a whole nother person or persons living inside of you and doing things that you cant recollect. On the other hand I would love to meet someone in person with this disorder to understand first hand what it is like. This movie was very entertaining and informative and I would recommend everyone to watch it if they have not seen it yet. Today Chris sizemore has about 20 personalites and the all show in her character they say that they are not as severe as they used to be but they are still present.

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