Monthly Progress Report for OJT

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Continue updating the EBEIS System for those schools who submitted updated profile information of their school.

phoned all the public elem. and Secondary school in Cavite about their reports on Disaster Risk Reduction assigned focal persons 16

Updating the Address directory of private schools in Cavite both in elem. and Secondary Received files from other departments Continue updating the EBEIS System for those schools who submitted updated profile information of their school. 30

Assisting the teachers encoding in the EBEIS System Continue updating the EBEIS System for those schools who submitted updated profile information of their school.

Monthly Progress Report for the month of September and First Week of October

Task Performed
print a division memo
Photocopying a twenty pieces of form for ocular visit
I was tasked to check the records of each school for both Elementary & HS regarding ASP (Adopt-A-School program) to know the top 10 active schools. Filling of Memorandum and DepEd Order
Went to SM to canvas printer, ink, flash drive and keyboard
Scanned 64 pcs. Of documents
Photocopy a memorandum
Encoded the ASP (Adopt-A-School Program).
Assisting teachers who needs to use computers.
Reproduced 100 copies of memorandum and other documents
Tasked to handle the registration for a Seminar about Adopt A School Went to Property Office to request an envelop
Xerox a form for the ASP meeting

Print a memorandum
Extracted files that were in winrar format.
I was tasked to the points of high school teachers needed for their ranking and arranged their ranks.

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Assisted the teacher in encoding EBEIS
Went to PLDT to get an application form for internet connection 11
Decorate the ICT Office with Christmas decors
Scanned a document of Ma’am Kaye.
Printing of documents.
Edit a template for PPT
Assisted a teacher in encoding the EBEIS System
brownout occurred till 4:00
Went to Legal Office and help Ms. Judith in filling a documents Troubleshooting a computer in the Legal Section
Assisted a teacher in encoding EBEIS until 6:30pm
Help in the Legal Office in to bind the documents so that when they moved to their new Office everything was arranged 20
Scanned 19 copies of documents of Sir Jay
Encoding regarding EBEIS
I edited in Photoshop a scanned paper needed by Sr. Tan from Accounting Office. Designed a template for PPT using Adobe Photoshop
Received files from other departments of the company
Brought the HIRS record to Clinic and Legal Section and let the staff signed the paper Photocopied important document

Transferred some things like files, office materials, etc., to the new ICT office Received files from other departments
Arranged the tables and chairs
I helped in cleaning and arranging the computers, documents and furniture that were transferred. 2
Printing of documents
Photocopy of the documents
Troubleshooting a computer in the Legal Section
Went Records office to photocopy some documents
Encoded the Adopt a School Program reports
Went to personnel’s office to check if the superintendent is around Photocopy of the documents
Computed the remaining hours of my OJT and the accumulated time 7
Updating the ASP (Adopt-A-School Program) of the schools.
Received documents from different schools
Was tasked to call all district schools in elementary and HS to ask their updated Google Electronic Mails and their ASP Quarterly Report. 9
Encoded the ASP (Adopt-A-School Program) and updated Google email make a requisition letter
Went to Property Office to submit the requisition letter
I and my co-trainee went to Trece Martires City HS to download all updated Google accounts and ASP Quarterly report. Phoned the principal of GEAHS (Bailen) to confirm if they have received the computers under ICT Computerization Program (batch 9) that was delivered in the year 2011. 11

Photocopy of the documents
Received documents from different schools
Delivered files to the Personnel’s Office
Photocopied some important documents
Encoded the Updated Google Accounts of teachers in different schools in
Cavite for both Elementary and High School

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