Mintzberg's Ten Managerial Roles

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Running head: Defining the essential purpose, importance, functions and managerial concepts to a manager

Defining the essential purpose, importance, functions and managerial concepts to a manager Albrenny Leslie,

Defining the essential purpose, importance, functions and managerial concepts to a manager


This paper explores six aspects of managing, such as, who are managers, manager’s tasks, what makes a good manager, universality of management concepts, importance of ethics and managing change. The first aspect shines a light on the definition of who are managers.

Warren Bennis says “leaders do the right thing and managers do things right”. Followed by the second aspect, what do managers do, five tasks are listed and explained. In the third aspect, suggestions to what makes a good manager are explained as well as examples of essential roles played out that contribute to making a good manager. The fourth, covers the explanation of the Universality of Management Concepts which refers to the ability to transfer a manager’s principle, techniques, functions and skills from one time, place or job to another .

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Fifth aspect enlightens on the reasons to why ethics is important to managers as well as how it should be practice rightfully. Lastly, the sixth aspect elaborates on helpful guidance towards managing change in a company or organization. Defying the essential purpose, importance, functions and managerial concepts to a manager

The universality of management concepts refers to the transferability of its principle, techniques, functions and skills from one time, place or job to another ( the Q ; A wiki).

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In other words, a manger who is successful in a given field, organization or company should be easily adaptable towards being successful in the other. A manager being able to portray the skills of portability can be profitable to the company. As long as his or her skills are productively applied to which ever field he or his is placed in charge of. Universality doesn’t mean that one particular job given to a manger should be done or preformed by every manager in the company or organization. However, all jobs have similar principles that every type of manager should be able to pursue. As we my know principles is the key way of working or upholding ethical standards which is a standard of moral or ethical decision making. Therefore, a manager should be manageable in the mobility of prosecuting whether or not a right moral decision in one field can be the right decision in another.

The concept of universality is basically obtaining a manager with universal characteristics such as having a wide spread of knowledge and interest therefore the transition into another field or company can occur with no hesitation. Distinguishing a good manager is said to be one who achieves a hardworking, productive and effective workforce that pushes above its weight in its performance ( All of the given criteria contributes to a good manager there is a bigger scale of opinions that adds to the qualifications as well. An accomplished manager compiles of an abundance of experience and knowledge of his or her everyday performance. Knowing exactly what is required to obtain a successful goal and achievement for the company or organization. He or she knows when to make valuable decisions such as sustaining a superior relationship with his or her employees. As you may know employees are one of the company’s most important assets.

Without a firm relationship with your employees, you lose trust, commitment and engagement which are important factors. Recognize the importance of adding profit and surplus, increasing market share, and reducing cost for the organization or company. If profit isn’t being made then the company will no longer exist. Managers are obligated to avoid failure from transpiring. A fine manager must sustain the integrity and honesty of the company at all times along with self loyalty. Five examples of essential roles of a manager is given below in a table. Essential Roles Of a good manager

Understand how to resolves issues, conflicts and problems as they occur Posses ambitions and creativity to continuously seek wise improvements Frequently conduct meetings with employees encouraging employees to do better and giving an open ear to hear any ideas or concerns. Write good reports and achieve exceptional results.


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