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Ten Reasons To Write

1. Writing is not only a way of communicating but also a best way to learn critical thinking and teach people to articulate. The other important aspect is logical organization of the authentic content that was being envisioned in the thought process.

2. During the lecture time students jot down notes of the topic that was being thought by the teacher/ professor. This note can help pals in recap the information, get overview of the topic, increase analytical skills and also confusion could be clarified in class by teacher or in home by himself from the web.

3. If one is shy to propose a person, he/she could write a romantic poem/ letter about persons beauty or envisioning together. Even in the digital era of giving person a physical written letter can still have a different impact on person opinion about this.

4. Not everyone in this world could listen properly and these few percentages of population are deaf. Deaf people get inspired and empowered by reading content that was written/ printed.

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5. In tangled situation, one can effectively sort out solution/ way by writing his scene or thoughts on paper and map his road to clarification by negotiating. This means writing will helps one to transmute thoughts and analyze it.

6. Writing is one the best paying job like creative writing, motivational speeches, humors content, specialized, etc. In addition to this having good writing skills can guarantee one high chances of getting hired by firm.

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7. Your knowledge is what you read that was written. What we are now is the content that we read from the books written and archived some decades and might be centuries. It is fixed and is therefore more permanent and takes less storage space if saved in a pdf or word when compared to voice/ video clip. That is the reason behind journals and research thesis is published in written or *docx from.

8. In the events like conferences, opening ceremonies and speeches most speakers read from paper. This paper was written with the audience in mind and to coherently formulate their message or arguments. This Writing also offers speaker time and space to re-draft and re-focus speaker message.

9. For me writing is the effective way of learning, understanding and memorizing because writing once time equals 10 times reading. This means information sticks better when it learnt through writing and practicing.

10. Dairy Writing: A reflective journal of your life that includes your accomplishments, mistakes and happy and bad times that record moments in your life.

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