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In this fast reaching world, the studies of every individual become more complex. We have now surpassing the imagination of each human being and applying this through technology. Merely truth, innovation is a huge help in the lives of each students specifically to the highschool students here in Gonzalo Aler National High School. The school adjusted technology as one of the most important tools in learning and computer system is among the best examples. Computer is one of the very best organized understanding that can be utilized.

Using this item of innovation, learners challenged to be taken full advantage of in their learning by being more innovative and become more thinking about studying. Today, computer does not simply assist to the trainee but it is a necessary one to offer guts and assistance enhances the abilities of person.

With the ever increasing population of computer system innovation, it is nearly difficult to find an academic establishment that does not use it.

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Computer systems are becoming a growing number of essential within education as both a learning tool for students and for keeping records of all people at the school.

Computers permit trainees to access more information more quickly and the intro of the web suggests that this information is available to hand 24/7. Whether this is a great prospect or not is something that is disputed frequently. For each factual and precise piece of details that can be found on the internet, there are 10 false ones. This has lead to a need for school based sites and computer system software application that trainees can use without the danger of being fed false details.

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Computers allow trainees to collect this information rapidly and effectively and discover skills such as discovering appropriate details and producing it in a method that can be read by others. As many students will have computer facilities in the house, instructors can set them research jobs that would not have actually been possible with just the centers available in library books. The web and computer software application programs can also be utilized by trainees to bring out tests for modification functions.

Computers in educational establishments are not just important for the student’s learning. The technology can also be used by teachers and administrators at the schools to keep a record of all of the students’ details and progress. Computer databases make searching for an individual student’s information quick and easy and it can be updated in an instant. Having all of these details on file and in depth means that, should there be any queries further down the line, it is easy to track any grades, disciplinary actions or absences all in one place.

In most work environments, Microsoft Office can be used. It’s user friendly and not as complicated as some may think. Microsoft Office is the world’s best and famous work program for studying, personal use, and office work. Microsoft Office includes Access, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Publisher and Word. In the following pages, the three most useful and helpful apps will be discussed.



It is software which is used for the typing and office work and contains different facilities to the users to save their time and get their work in an efficient manner. The Microsoft word was developed by the Microsoft Corporation in the year 1983. The name which was given to this software was the Multi-tool word which was designed for the specific systems to run on that. But later on there were many systems which were used to developed for the other systems as well. The software was designed for the IBM, personal computer and Macintosh. So the commercial popularity is very high of this software as we compare it from the other computer software which are providing the similar facilities.


Excel is fundamentally a spreadsheet program, featuring cells, rows and columns for labeling and organizing data. Columns and rows meet to form many individual cells, each one generally representing one data point or piece of information. After developing a spreadsheet, you can perform many manipulations of the data.


Microsoft Power Point is a presentation program. It enforces learning and retention by displaying images and text to complement the oral presentation

PowerPoint features transitions and animated entrances for pictures and text. Audio and images can be embedded, and slides are able to be advanced with an automatic timer. Power point is a just like the name says a powerful tool for learning. It is basically electronic slides where a person can embed files such as texts, music, pictures, diagram, or whatever else you like.


Microsoft Word is used to:

  • Typing and office work and contains different facilities to the users to save their time and get their work in an efficient manner.
  • Create, view, edit, save and print documents.
  • Spell check more than 50 languages
  • Writing business letters to their clients. From one paragraph or 4 pages, it’s where they will have their letter written up and printed. There are also different tools

MS Excel is a powerful Microsoft computer program used for:

  • creating spreadsheets. (Upon entry of the data into a spreadsheet, you can perform many kinds of analysis, from mathematical operations to automated graph creation.)
  • One excellent use of Excel is its ability to carry out formulas (aka functions). For instance, if you’d like to use Excel to track expenses, you can perform a SUM operation to tally expenses in different categories of a budget
  • If more complex operations are required—such as numerical data analysis—you can create a graph and Excel will perform a regression analysis on the data, finding the best equation.

For anyone who has struggled to find an equation,

MS Excel can help

MS Power Point

  • It is used to present words and pictures in a slideshow format, usually viewed on a projector in front of classrooms and auditoriums.
  • It can be used to create great presentations not only for the business world but also in the classroom or for own personal use.


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing software. Using this software you can write letters, applications, documents etc and create tables, make hyper links to the world wide web, insert formatting (bullets, numbering etc), pictures, micros and many more.

It is as important to write a document as a pen to a paper. It takes low disk space and can be easily downloaded and uploaded on the world wide web. This was offered for the business and individuals to help them to accomplish their work in a better way and which can save the time of the people and provides them with the great tools so that they can work on that. So this is the reason the system is very popular in the market. It is licensed software any one who wants to use this software he need a Microsoft license in order to use this software. So this is very good software which is released in the market.

Microsoft Excel

Though such a description makes Excel sound relatively simple, this is not so. It has the ability to perform complex operations, save time and improve efficiency dramatically in the process. Whether being utilized at home or in the workplace, MS Excel can be an invaluable program when it comes to many analytical tasks.

Excel is perhaps the most important computer software program used in the workplace today. That’s why so many workers and prospective employees are required to learn Excel in order to enter or remain in the workplace.

From the viewpoint of the employer, particularly those in the field of information systems, the use of Excel as an end-user computing tool is essential. Not only are many business professionals using Excel to perform everyday functional tasks in the workplace, an increasing number of employers rely on Excel for decision

Widely used by businesses, service agencies, volunteer groups, private sector organizations, scientists, students, educators, trainers, researchers, journalists, accountants and others, Microsoft Excel has become a staple of end users and business professionals.

The beauty of Excel is that it can be used as a receiver of workplace or business data, or as a calculator, a decision support tool, a data converter or even a display spreadsheet for information interpretation. Excel can create a chart or graph, operate in conjunction with Mail Merge functions, import data from the Internet, create a concept map and sequentially rank information by importance.

MS Power Point

PowerPoint allows speakers and teachers to have a visual aid, which can greatly enhance the presentation. PowerPoint presentations enable teachers to increase the quality of written material and visuals they present to the students in the class. The alternative to PowerPoint presentations are using blackboard/whiteboard, and flip charts. Though to completely eliminate the use of blackboard, the PowerPoint offers some distinct advantages. First the PowerPoint presentations can be made in advance, thereby effectively increasing the time available to the teacher to teach. Also the PowerPoint makes it possible to provide a much richer quality of visuals including multicoloured complicated diagrams and pictures.

PowerPoint is a wonderful tool for learning in both a student and teacher-directed situation. It can add a new dimension to learning allowing teachers to explain abstract concepts, while accommodating all learning styles. Used properly, PowerPoint can be one of the most powerful tools for disseminating information ever known. Employed inappropriately, PowerPoint could potentially confuse students and make learning a difficult process.


Microsoft Word is a word processing program that was first released in 1989. It is used to create and save papers, manuscripts and other written works. The program affords a number of important benefits to users.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Excel?

The advantages of MS Excel are many–especially to users who take some time to get acquainted with Excel’s features.  One benefit is timesavings. Excel saves you time by offering an intuitive GUI (graphical user interface). A key feature of this interface is the Ribbon, which prominently displays icons for the tools you’ll likely use most often.

When you think of what Excel excels at, you likely think of data manipulation first: sorting, filtering, tabulating and calculating data. Each of the tools to do these tasks is immediately available on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

Timesavings from other tabs
Reduced Need for Conversion Tools
What Are the Benefits of Using PowerPoint and Slide Presentations in the Classroom?
Interaction and Engagement
oPowerPoint and slide presentations hold student attention through the use of video, graphics and music. Because students today are so technologically advanced, tools that involve technology such as slide shows increase student involvement and interaction.

Ability to Capitalize on Modern Media

The Internet provides current events coverage and the latest information on an enormous number of topics. Slide show tools allow you to incorporate text, video, audio and photos from the Internet easily, allowing you to share the most recent information using media that engage students.

Integration of Multiple Sources

Using PowerPoint and slide shows, you can integrate multiple sources in your classroom presentations. For example, you easily can incorporate photos of student work, video from a field trip, related content from news sources and the latest expert research into a single presentation.

Availability of Instruction

Rather than handing absentee students written notes of a lesson they missed, you can replay your lesson or presentation using a slide show. Absent students receive the same instruction as those who are present, so they do not fall behind.

Cooperation and Collaboration

Teachers can share lessons and presentations simply using a file-sharing system or flash drive. Teachers can share the workload of creating presentations. Furthermore, a student seeing more than one teacher’s presentations is exposed to more than one point of view.

The benefit is that you are engaging students not just through words, but also through visuals. Some students learn better by hearing, but other students learn better by seeing.

So, immediately you can see the benefits of engaging students through the visual means. Also, it provides for some excitement in that it breaks down the daily routine of lectures.


Using Microsoft Word

Although popular, MS Word has some distinct disadvantages over other word processing alternatives. Learn about the disadvantages of using MS word as your default word processor. Microsoft Word is the number one word processing program in the world. However, being number one in the marketplace doesn’t mean that it is the only choice to consider. MS Word has some distinct disadvantages that make other word processors attractive alternatives.

Part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software, Word has grown to become an application that can do it all. Being able to do it all also means that Word can be a complicated application when you just want basic word processing capabilities.

Using MS Excel

As with many tools there is a definite learning curve to using Excel. Because it is so versatile and can do so much it is difficult sometimes to know where to start.

If you are using excel to write a paper then the disadvantage would be, excel is not meant to do that, Word would be the Microsoft program to use.

The trick is knowing if it is the right tool for the job. It is possible to write a paper with Excel and it is possible to create a database with it. You can even send email using Excel 2007. This is like asking what are the disadvantages of using a hammer. The only disadvantage is that it may not be the right tool for the job. Excel is meant to crunch numbers.

Using MS Power Point

PowerPoint is not used for delivering video presentations but rather static images and text
The disadvantages of Microsoft PowerPoint are that:

  • You will not be able to change any slide during a PowerPoint presentation for any mistake that you have made until you close the presentation down and edit the slide in the normal view.
  • If you are doing the presentation in a dark to a semi dark room, it is difficult for you to get eye contact with your audience while doing the presentation.
  • If you have different parts at the end or beginning, which should be after the third or fourth slide, then you will need to skip through the rest of your slides. When you had to skip through some of the slides in the presentation to get to the correct point and by doing this, it will distract your audience and your audience will not focus on the rest of the presentation that you need to give.
  • When you are doing the presentation, you will lose where you are because as you give the presentation, you will not have anything to see what you next slide is and that means you will need to keep looking at your presentation that you are giving, to remind yourself what slide is before the current one you are on and what slide is the next one after you have finished on the current slide you are on now.
  • When you are giving your presentation, you will need to keep moving, which means if you keep moving quite a look, then you will be distracting the audience, which will make them not concentrate on the rest of the presentation that you need to do.
  • As you are doing your presentation, the speed of the presentation may increase, so it makes it much more difficult for you to explain each of the points that you have put in the presentation and also it makes it more difficult to read out your notes that you have made for the points that you have put in the presentation.
  • When printing out the slides for the presentation, it will lower the concentration of the audience because they know what slide is coming up next, so that means they will not even bother listening which will then lower the effectiveness of the presentation, that you are giving.
  • When creating your presentation, it will be easier to add too many words, so that all the words will not fit on the screen, which will make it much harder for the audience to read the points that you are making.
  • When presenting the presentation, the person who is doing it makes them very dependent on the computer because they need to keep clicking the mouse or pressing a button to advance the slides in the presentation, which means they cannot get into giving their full heart to the presentation.


A computer is a great thing for a student to have, mainly because of word processing (Microsoft Word). Students can take notes in classes easier without any issues due to handwriting, smudging, or cramping. Students can also make easy to make, easy to present, and easy to view (in other words visually appealing) presentations (Powerpoint), which are a great alternative to posters or speeches. Other programs allow for easy data organization (Excel). As technology is more and more incorporated into education, books will have special activities or quizzes online, or teachers will demand typed work. Some classes (mainly in college, however, some high schools are beginning to integrate online quizzes and materials into classes) take place entirely online. Microsoft Office is very beneficial to everyone and anyone once you get the hang of it. You won’t regret learning and practicing, it has a lot to offer you.

Today, a computer does not just help a student… it is essential to one.


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