Office automation software

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Today’s business is overly dependent on teams, cross functional committees and different kind of workgroups which coordinate the daily operations. It is imperative for these groups to collaborate and communicate with each other. Often these groups are separated by geographies so physical presence for meetings is not possible, this enhances the need for tools that can be used for collaboration. Office automation software is a critical part of daily tasks, used to simplify group collaboration in an organization. Almost all organizations use some kind of automation to improve efficiency and productivity of the company.

Software tools and applications automate regular office work like: mailing, fax, collaboration with employees through chats, videoconferencing and teleconferencing. This is only the tip of the iceberg, a few common tasks that have been automated. Today even document management is of great significance for the organizations, companies like SAP are dedicating a lot of effort in developing software that can improve the collaboration in a organization.

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Without such tools, team collaboration will consume time and will be extremely difficult to coordinate.

Organizations go further and automated there business functions like HR management, Customer Management, supply chain management and production management etc. This again is done from the prospective of improving the efficiency and productivity to the company which will help company improve its performance. Some of the common tools used in organization are: Office suite containing word editing tool, spreadsheets to enhance business calculations and presentation software. Business Tools and Software used in my organization

I work for an IT consulting organization.

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The primary activity that we perform is developing and maintaining, customized software. Tools used for ouw business automation are divided bty different departments like Sales and marketing, Operations, HR, Finance etc. Organization wide Microsoft Office including Word Processing Module, PowerPoint, Excel, Communicator and Outlook. This handy software helps us type and save the letters sent to the customers, save different versions of documents, presentations, communicate with team and send and receive e-mails.

WebEx: Video conferencing system helps us to collaborate with offices around the globe and also with customers. SharePoint Portal: For document management and information sharing across the organization. This software is very important since in knowledge industry the sharing of best practices and customer experience contributes a lot to the success of a project. Requisition software: This takes care of the necessary needs like stationary, drinking cups for employees. Employees can order these online and the requirements are delivered to their seats.

Attendance tracking system: This is linked to SAP software, this application records the daily attendance of the employees and tracks the weekly hours in the office, and this is used for billing the customers. Sales and marketing Tools used by these are Sales force automation software which not only record the sales connect established with the customer and report the success rate. It also proves to be an effective CRM tool which interacts all the interactions with the customer and helps sales team pitch accordingly. Disadvantage of this software is the speed of this and the training effort spent to learn this software Finance

The key application used here is SAP, it takes care of the accounting and regulatory compliance needs of the company. It helps keep a track of Working capital, helps in budgeting, forecasting and other aspect of financial management like reporting, project profitability number and analysis. Changing or improving the business process has implications of time in the software, besides that it is expensive to buy and support. Human Resources SAP HR software helps the Human resources team perform its functions, employee’s record, salary generation, leave record etc are maintained here and reports can be created for the same.

Besides this we also use another application called employee portal which gives employees a platform to perform tasks related to travel, general information updating, project allocation, policy related clarification, applying for leave. Sources Microsoft Office 11: Ready, aim. . . fizzle By: Coffee, Peter. eWeek, 11/4/2002, Vol. 19 Issue 44, p54, 1/2p; (AN 7726331) The Paperless Office, Accounting Technology, Sep2007 Supplement, Vol. 23, p21-21, 1/2p; (AN 26470655) New tools for measuring, monitoring and analyzing, Inter@ctive Week, 09/07/98, Vol. 5 Issue 34, pI-12, 1/3p, 1 color; (AN 1070253)

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