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Medical Billing And Coding

Becoming a Medical Billing Specialist
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I love working with people and on computers. So I looked for a career where I can do both. Deciding to become a Medical Billing Specialist was the perfect choice for me. When I first entered into the medical field, I became a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). I love doing my job because I was able to help others in need. As time passed I knew I wanted to do more but I just didn’t know what that was. Then…...
Steps in Medical Billing And Coding Process
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The medical billing cycle is a series of steps that lead to maximum, appropriate, and timely payment for patient’s medical services. The process consists of ten steps that take place before the encounter, during the encounter, and after the encounter. The first step is to preregister the patient; this takes place before the encounter when the patient calls to schedule an appointment. It involves two main tasks, to schedule and update appointments and collect preregistration demographics and insurance information (2014).…...
Medical Billing and Coding
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Today the cause and effect of medical billing and coding is that they share a relationship because they each share something similar in a way. They are both understood when they are spoke about. But as you know billing and coding are and can be combined together as well. But what I would like my reader to know is my goals and achievements to become a medical billing and coding specialists as well the understanding of medical billing and coding…...
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