Medical Billing and Coding Job Opportunity

Many people don’t realize that administrative jobs are important in the healthcare field too. Medical billing and coding specialist are an important part of the administrative field that makes up a big part of the health industry. There are several different career opportunities available to choose from. The medical billing and coding specialist must maintain current knowledge of medical coding rules and regulations regarding medical coding compliance and reimbursement, and they must integrate changes into medical practice.

Employers typically prefer employees with certifications in this field, but not mandatory.

The most common certification examination is the Certified Coding Assistant (CCA), which is administered through the American Health Information Management Association(AHIMA). This exam is taken after graduating from a training program. After a few years of work experience technicians are eligible to sit or the Certified Coding Specialist (CCA) examination, which includes either a Physician-based or Hospital-based option. Indiana has 15 schools that offer medical billing and coding programs. Indiana-University-Purdue-University-Indianapolis is the highest ranking in this field in Indiana.

Other jobs related to this career include, Medical Receptionist-they answer phones, make appointments, and file charts. Or there is an Insurance Clerk- they code all claims as well as complete insurance appeals. To be a Medical Biller & Coder you must have good organization skills, an understanding of human anatomy and physiology, discretion, be dependable, excellent typing skills, and strong writing skills.

In the health field medical coders and billers see to it that the healthcare providers get paid for their services and that the patients get billed correctly and fairly.

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They are responsible for the accurate flow medical information and patient data between doctors, patients, and third party payers. The majority of employers expect their staff to work a standard 40 hr. (full-time) work week.They also have part-time and work-from-home options available. The environment you work in depends on where you work at. It’s usually a normal office job environment . Most hospitals stick to “casual office attire”, some places wear scrubs. Medical Billing and Coding salary ranges from $22,693 (10.91 hr) at entry-level. A higher-end salary is $57,325 and up (27.56 hr and up). It can be salary or hourly depending on the place you work at. Benefits, retirement plans and vacation time vary depending on the company you work for.

Medical billers and coders have challenging jobs, they need to have good attention to detail as they create codes based on diagnosis and then bill insurance companies based on these codes. The most challenging is technology. Some perks of being medical coder and biller is your job will be in demand as healthcare services are always increasing. You can start a career in months instead of years. You can also work from home. Right now there are 229 medical coding jobs available in Indianapolis, IN. Places like IU Health and Eskenazi Health are offering positions in this career. The medical billing and coding staff take care of the administrative tasks and freeing the doctors and staff up to be able to handle the patient needs faster, The effect that the economy has had on this career is the cost of the education needed for this has gone up due to the high demand for this job. (indeed jobs listing) (perks of being a medical billing and coding specialist) (challenges of being a medical billing and coding specialist)

Everything that I have read about being a Medical billing and coding specialist makes it seem to me like the perfect job for me. Since I don’t have the time or the money to become a nurse or doctor, this career is good for me. It is also fast to get a certification and then you can start working right away. Medical billing and coding specialist are in high demand right now so it should be fairly easy to get a job. I can also work from home which is my favorite part while I further my education for a higher degree.

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