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Essay on Medea

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Medea's revenge

The nurse states, “I am afraid some dreadful purpose is forming in her mind… no one who makes an enemy of her will carry off an easy victory”. This is definitely fulfilled throughout the course of the play. Firstly, Medea convinces the daughters of Pelias to murder their own father. Once left devastated and alone, Medea’s next point of revenge was to ruin the life of Jason. She devised a p...

Medea shows that seeking revenge undermines any hope of justice

In many ways, Medea's departure from Corinth within a chariot provided by the Gods, despite the callous deeds she has committed in exacting revenge on Jason, suggests that the pursuit of revenge occurs at the expense of the formation of genuine justice. However, we must be cautious to accept this misguided suggestion, due to Medea's rare circumstance of divine attributes, which enables her to be v...

Greek Mythology and Medea

Messenger - The messenger appears only once in the play--he relates in gruesome, vivid detail the death scenes of Glauce and Creon, which occur offstage. Nurse - Caretaker of the house, the nurse of the children serves as Medea's confidant. Her presence is mainly felt in the play's opening lament and in a few speeches addressing diverse subjects not entirely related to the action of the play. Tuto...

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Medea Greek Mythology

This is evidence that Medea went beyond the state of justice; but she went well into the state of vengeance. Medea knew what she was doing and quite frankly she could care less about anything other than what she thought of what was seeking revenge on Jason. In conclusion, vengeance was sought by Medea. She went above the fact of teaching Jason a lesson; she even stated she hated Jason more than sh...

Hell Hath No Fury Like Medea Scorned

Ultimately, Medea's theme of revenge is supported throughout the tragedy and ends with Medea coming out victorious yet left with nothing to live for in her life. Death is brought upon multiple characters and is mentioned multiple times throughout the play. Euripides, by using theme and motif, sends a clear message that revenge can seem to control one's meaning of life and leave a person empty and ...

The Role and Significance of Hubris in the Fall of Jason

In this play he is the embodiment of all the morals and promises made to the gods by mere mortals such as Jason as it just seemed more convenient that way. Medea in turn is the personification of all things moral, excluding the methods she employs in order to exact her revenge. Jason turning a blind eye to the will of the gods is one of the most important factors that led to his demise. Since the ...

Contrast the Characters of Agamemnon and Jason

What have Medea and Clytemnestra sacrificed? Clytemnestra has lost a daughter, and this is her sole motivation for killing Agamemnon. Medea, however, has betrayed her family, left her home and killed her own brother to help Jason in every way she can. Jason has abandoned her after she has had two sons when she is in a foreign land with no friends or family to fall back on entirely for his own pers...

Medea's murder of her children

We associate heroic aspects with goodness, appropriation and a well-developed sense of forgiveness. The presentation of Medea in the exodos as well as her actions throughout the play, strongly contradict with the principles of Christianity and her character appears as irrelevant to modern ideas. Unfortunately, Medea from the Ancient Greek's point of view can be regarded as a tragic hero to a signi...

Betrayal and Revenge in Medea

Regardless of whether Jason is deserving of Medea's revenge, he is left completely devastated and without hope for the future. For him, there is little to live for. In fact, he tells Medea "for me remains to cry aloud upon my fate, who will get no pleasure from my newly wedded love. And the boys whom I begot and brought up, never shall I speak to them alive"(44). Finally, he comments "oh, my life ...

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How does Euripides use Juxtaposition to challenge Gender Norms?Euripides play, Medea, tells the tale of patriarchal values. Medea is portrayed as a strong, independent character, capable of making her own decisions. However, there are times when she is shown as a hysterical female, whose actions are irrational. While pursuing her ambition, Medea disregards many valued characteristics of women. She...

Reaction Paper on Medea by Euripides

In this play Medea by Euripides, I like the fact that Jason still loves his family after leaving them. As he said when Medea asked if he still consider them. "Certainly I considered them. It was my hope that they would grow up here, and I, having married power, could protect and favor them. And if perhaps, after many years, I become Dynast of Corinth-for that is Creon's desire, to make me his heir...

Is Euripides' Medea A Feminist Or A Misogynist Play?

Euripides through his work is able to give his audience a new perspective. The Athenian male citizens that made up his audience could see the views and assumption that they held about women projected back at them and were able to see the struggle of women more clearly through Euripides' tragedies. He was able to show them that there were tensions, misconceptions and issues concerning women that ne...

Is Euripides' Medea A Feminist Or A Misogynist Play?

A close examination of the female characters and their actions in myth and tragedy shows that Euripides, rather than being a mysoginist, was aware of the struggles of women. He was particularly aware of women's struggle for recognition and understanding in 5th century B.C. Euripides through his work is able to give his audience a new perspective. The Athenian male citizens that made up his audienc...

The character of Medea from Euripides's Medea

In conclusion, Euripides's encourages the audience to sympathise with the character of Medea, in order to challenge the values and attitudes of Ancient Greek society. He does this by constructing Medea as a strong, independent woman, aligned with the gods and the women of the play. Her courage and personal conflict when plotting, and carrying out, her revenge on Jason, and her final reward from th...

Medea plans

To summarise, the roles of children in Medea and The Just, can be shortly listed. Firstly, it is to provoke sympathy of the audience towards them, make us associate us with them and what concerns them. They also allow the audience to come to opinions on different characters in the play and to look at them from different points of view. The situation and context that the children are in provoke tho...

Is Medea a villain or a victim?

If we then consider both sides of the argument, we can conclude that Medea’s actions, although harsh, were justified by Jason’s disloyalty and disregard for his immediate family. The audiences conception of morality is questioned, do we despise Medea for her actions, or respect her for her iron resolve to destroy Jason’’s house and life, as he has hers? Medea is certainly a victim, she has...

The role of the Chorus in The Medea

The Chorus unveils Medea in a way that makes the audience watching the play sympathize with her and if the Chorus was not present, then the standpoint view of the play and the reflection of it would be according to how the audience sees it and not how Euripides wanted it to be. The Chorus is crucial to the play because the audience is watching the actions of Medea through the Chorus' perspective a...

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