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Marina Gana Vida


What could Jonah Nobleza do to balance the employment and production of MGV?


To be able to find an alternative way to scale-up the production without sacrificing the mission of MGV.

To prove to the investors that MGV is a successful social enterprise with viable economic.

To be able to spot the best possible solution balancing employment vs. production.



The staffs of MGV are all professionally trained.

Providing health products to consumers

Promoting environmentally friendly fishing practices

Well-developed facilities

Provides healthy fish farming

Women are skilled in fish processing


Providing business opportunities to Muslim women in Davao community

Having more loyal customers

Adopt technology


Limited capacity of production

Lack of investors

Not using chemical pesticides that reduces the quantity of fish


Competition of other fishing industries

Natural or man-made calamities


Stick to their goals to hire more workers by adding another processing plant

Merge machine labour and manual labour in production process

Replace the manual labour into automated labour process while the workers will serve as indirect employees.


The best alternative course of action is the second solution, which is merging of manual and automated labour process which is in production there will be a machine to help fasten their production for better labour process and to maintain the employment, there should also be a manual process for
the workers to help manipulate and monitor the machines.


We therefore conclude that our recommendation can help the company increase their production without eradicating workers in view of the fact that they can also help in monitoring the machinery to speed up production and we can assign them in manipulating the machines. Adding more machines also means hiring more workers and as a result of having faster production. As their goal is to provide employment to many poor household they were able to maintain their social enterprise.

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