Marikina Shoe Industry

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A.Research Design

This study arrived to analyze how Marikina Shoe Industry affects the demand for tourists and how it affects its service industry. Doing this paper aims to identify, define, present, gather insights interpret, and analyze those data on the perception of respondents toward Marikina Shoe Industry, which include product, price, place, and promotion. The research design of this study can be best describe from different perspective. The method used in collecting data is through a survey questionnaire while the research design is pure descriptive.

Considering the time dimension, the research design is cross dimensional, taking into account that it is conducted over a span of time. Moreover, this study is basically statistical since conclusions are based on quantitative data were gathered.

B.Research Locale

The researchers plan to conduct their study within the vicinity of Metro Manila. Specifically in Marikina City among the residents where data collection will take place. Marikina City was known for making shoes. They are known as the "Shoe Capital of the Philippines".

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They also created and finished the World's Largest Pair of shoes that was recognized by Guinness World of Records. The shoe museum that was also located in Marikina was famous for collection of shoes. The famous collection of shoes of many famous artist, celebrities, persons, world leaders, past presidents and the former first Lady Imelda Marcos were there. The City of Marikina was also known for the most disciplined in the Philippines. The city of Marikina is one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines because of their industry and etc.

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Marikina is located at the eastern border of Metro Manila and it is the main gateway to Rizal Province and as far as Quezon Province. Marikina-Infanta Road, popularly known as Marcos Highway, is the main highway east of Metro Manila connecting Marikina and other surrounding cities such as Quezon City, Pasig City, Antipolo City and Cainta. .

C.Samples and Sampling Technique

The respondents are participants of the study were residents from Marikina City. In computing for the sample size, researchers choose 3 barangays in Marikina near the shoe manufacturer’s vicinity and 1 barangay in Marikina were in only one shoe manufacturers residing. The researchers does not chose nor presented any formula to compute sample size yet they allot a number of respondents in substitute for the marginal error because Margin of Error was used in this study. The researchers choose only 20 respondents per barangay. These researchers explain the process of survey each days and number of residents encountered to answer the survey forms to get feedbacks from the Marikina residents.


The researchers used a questionnaire checklist to gather pertinent data. The questionnaire consists of structured series of questions based on the specific statements of the problem of this study. It is a self-constructed questionnaire and it is divided into three parts. First, are the greetings coming from the researchers so that the respondents would formally know the purpose and the importance of this to the researchers and to them as respondents, as well as the profile of the respondents which includes data on gender, age, civil status, religion, ethnicity and education. The last part of this research instrument was the questionnaire proper which includes some major issues such as taxes, employment, establishments and their perceptive questions with regards to Marikina Shoe Industry. In answering the questionnaire, the respondents were asked to rate each of the statement using four-point liker scale; namely, 3 for high effect, 2 for moderate effect, 1 for low effect and 0 for no effect.

Scale Validity

This questionnaire will help the researchers to determine the factors that influence the marketability of Marikina Shoe Industry. E.Data-Gathering Procedure

The researchers did the usual protocol and requesting permission to conduct the research. The researchers generally interviewed all concerned and distribute the survey questionnaire. The questionnaire is consisting of categories and every category has corresponding questions which are intended to get information from the respondents related to the researcher study. The design of the questionnaire is form of statement where in the respondents has the option to choose. After gathering all the data needed for this study tallied and succeeding to almost 2 days of surveys, the researchers tabulated the outcome and statistical tools were employed for meaningful interpretation of the research.

F.Method of Data Analysis

After recording and tabulation of data, the following methods of data analysis will be employed using the Statement of the Problem as pattern: To answer Statement of the Problem 1, frequency and percentage distribution will be used: Formula:

n=Total number of respondents

To answer Statement of the Problem 2, weighted mean will be used: Formula:
Where:M=Weighted mean (summation of the weighted frequencies) f=Frequency
n=Total number of respondents
The following ranges with their corresponding verbal interpretation will be as follows: Range
Numerical Equivalent
Qualitative Interpretation
3.55 – 4.39
High Effect
2.70 – 3.54
Moderate Effect
1.85 – 2.69
Low Effect
1.00 – 1.84
No Effect

To answer Statement of the Problem 3, product moment correlation coefficient or Pearson’s r will be used: Formula: r = N XY – (X) (Y)_________ [ N X 2- (X)2] [ N Y 2 - (Y)2]

Where: N = the number of cases
X = the first group
Y = the second group

r valueDescriptive meaning
+ 1.00Perfect positive or Negative correlation
+ 0.81 - + 0.99Very High Positive or Negative Correlation + 0.61 - + 0.80Substantial Positive or Negative Correlation + 0.41 - + 0.60Moderately Positive or Negative Correlation + 0.21 - + 0.40Low positive or Negative Correlation

+ 0.01 - + 0.20Negligible Correlation
+ 0.0No Correlation
To answer Statement of the Problem 4, Chi-Square Test of Independence will be used. Chi-Square assesses whether paired observations on two variables, expressed in a contingency table, are independent of each other or not. It uses the expected value (Fe) and observed value (Fo) of the variables given in the contingency table.

Formula: X2

Where: X2 = Chi-squared
Fo = Observed frequencies
Fe = Expected frequencies

To answer Statement of the Problem 5, t-test will be used. T-test is used to examine the difference between the means of two groups.


Where:S1=Sample mean of the first group
S2=Sample mean of the second group
X1=Summation of the first group
X2=Summation of the second group
N1=Number of cases in the first group
N2=Number of cases in the second group

To answer Statement of the Problem 7, analysis of variance (ANOVA) will be used. ANOVA is used to analyze the differences between several means at one time. Formula:

Step 1:Computation of the various sums of squares (SS):

Step 2:Computation of the degrees of freedom (df) for the various sums of squares: 2.1.df for “total” = N - 1
2.2.df for “between” = k - 1
2.3.df for “within” = df for “total” – df for “between”

Step 3:Computation for the various mean of squares (MS)
3.1.MSB=SSB / dfB
3.2.MSW=SSW / dfw

Step 4:Computation for the F-ratio.
Fc = MSB / MSW

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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