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Crystal heel business idea is all about finding a practical solution to wearing high heels in rough areas by ensuring women’s heels are always protected from damages, scratches and peeling due to being wedged into uneven surfaces such as grass, wooden pathways etc.

Our little supporters come in different sizes and colors, it can also be designed or custom made to match the heels. The heel supporter is made from rubber, which makes it durable and long lasting at the same time the rubber supporter is environmentally friendly made from recycled materials, which makes it easy to dispose of when consumer decides to change to a new heel, the rubber can be easily recycled.

Every women or young adult who suffers from this problem, can now enjoy wearing heels without the worries of damaging their shoes. This invention aims to provide support for the heels and protects it from unneeded damages.

Needs analysis

Our invention is the first of its kind and unique in world for all women who wear high heels and worry about damaging their heels.

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Many women struggle with the public embarrassment of having their heels wedged in uneven surfaces. Our invention will solve this issue and protect the shoes creating a barrier and support for the heels ensuring the shoes last longer and looks newer all the time.

From the survey conducted 85% of women wear high heels; this indicated that high heels are becoming popular and high heels are a must have accessory for every fashion conscious women in this modern world, as now a days women tend to go out more often to public places wearing high heels.

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Therefore greater amount of women have the chances of facing the problem of their heels being wedged in uneven areas and more women would be opened to buy our supporter.

Project success

Our business idea will be successful and popular because it is new ideas on the market that will make it stand out from other business ideas. Women around the world who wear high heels are in need of this invention, as 84% of women surveyed said they have faced the problem of heels being wedged in sand, soil, and wooden pathways and mostly grass. 100% of women who were surveyed circled yes that they would definitely buy a product or an invention that would solve the problem. This shows that without any doubt the problem with heels being wedged in uneven surfaces is relevant to women around the world. Therefore crystal heels would be a successful business idea that is targeted to women of age group 16 and above.

Mission statement

Crystal heels aims to provide inventive and clever solution to women around the world. We are committed to provide the highest quality of service and products and bring new and creative ideas to the market place. To support our mission, we have the following objectives:

1. To turn over 5,000 AED by the first 5 months

2. To open three new shops/booth in Dubai, Ajman and Abu-Dhabi by the end of the first year.

3. To expand the operations of the first booth of crystal heels by 7% by the first 8 months


Size of potential market

Crystal heel is a creative and cleverly designed product aimed at women around the world targeting specifically those aged 16 years and above. The product will be displayed in a booth located in Sharjah co-operation society.

Results of market research

We chose the strategy to conduct our market research through surveying 25 women. This way we will have a clearer view on who potentially customers are and how best to target them, what current and potential customers want from the product, how the goods and service supplied can be improved to make it more appealing to the market and finally what types of promotional strategies will be most effective in attracting potential customers.

Therefore the survey showed that 84% of women are found to be wearing high heels and they are more likely to wear high heels on special occasions such as parties, family gathering and malls. 85% of women indicated that they have experienced problems with heels being wedged in sand, wooden pathways, grass and pavers. 100% approved that they will positively buy a product/invention that will resolve the issue. it is shown that 56% of women of age 16 years and above are willing to pay for the product around the range of 40-50 AED. Women prefer the product to be in a certain color, as 64% would like the color to match the heel, 4% would like blue, 4% would like green and 24% would like black. 44% considered the material of the product to be made from rubber and finally 48% of women preferred the product to cover quarter of the heel.

(Talk about Internet research)

The competition

A major advantage to this business is the lack of competition, which gives it a monopoly power, which will allow the business idea to expand very quickly in the market place given that this business is one of kind and a new invention on the market.

Promoting the business


In essence the service will be selling itself with the support of friendly staff. Our services have been priced according to the survey conducted showing that women prefer the product to be sold at a price between 40-80 AED. Therefore as a team we decided that the supporter would be sold at 50 AED each 2 pieces. For any exchanges or refunds of the product provided the following conditions are met:

1. The product is exchanged or returned with 7 days form the date of purchase

2. The product is sealed and in its original condition.

3. The product s accompanied by the original receipt

The cost has been established to gain more demands, as the price covers the expenses of the business and the price is not set too high or too low, which makes it affordable for the targeted market and realistic for a new opening business. In addition crystal heel is one of its kind in the market place, which makes us determine if the price increases or decreases, as they are no competition against us in the UAE. Crystal heel will accept payments by cash, credit and direct debit.


The business name crystal heel will initially be established in Sharjah co-operation society in Al Gharayen, where the targeted market can view the product. The reason for locating our business in co-operation society is that more women tend to shop in this area for groceries and others then men. Sharjah co-operation society is expanding and has recently opened many shops in their area, such as Body shop, Pizza hut, Baby shop etc. Sharjah co-operation has a foot traffic, as more customers are likely to enter their place, in addition co-operation society has no competition in the area as it is one of its kind and surrounded by many residence areas, schools. it has the easiest access to, as it lays beside the main road, which gives it a higher level of exposure to drivers and customers passing through. It is also an advantage as the supplier is 14 minutes away from the Sharjah co-operation and the warehouse location; this helps to reduce the transportation costs and gain the benefits of a growing body of local knowledge and expertise, and easy access to product supplier and save more money to help develop the business.


Crystal heels will be promoted in a range of ways in order to build our customer base. Initially, the product will be promoted through a website generated by the owners to gain more young customers and making our product easier access to people. We will be taking also online orders through twitter as we will be posting samples of our product to show our customers and for people who are interested, and delivery services will be offered and will charger 50 AED extra. Our business will also be promoted through local newspaper, magazines and billboards around the neighborhood. This way our product would be more familiar to our targeted audience and easier accessed and providing clearer view of the product we sell.


We carefully named our business ‘Crystal heel’ to attract more modern women to the shop and make it more appealing to women, as all people know women love diamond, crystals and other shiny objects that stands out. This way we would gain women’s curiosity and interest to visit our shop/booth and even be welling to buy our product. Our business idea is considered to be first of its kind and a superb solution towards women who suffer from embarrassment, as their heels are being wedged in uneven surfaces. (Talk about the packaging and how will it attract people)

In order to achieve success with our marketing mix, crystal heels will …



Crystal heel is a partnership between Hind Al-Ghumlasi, Meera Al-Marzooqi and Noora AL-Suwaidi. All profits will be split equally between the owners.

Crystal heel will be open from 10:00 am to 7:00pm, so in total the business will be operating 9 hours daily within the weekdays (6 days) except Fridays, which is a day off.

Crystal heel will initially employ two qualified sale staff; the first will work from 10:00am to 2:30 am, the second will take the shift from 2:30 pm to 7:00pm. Staff only allowed taking 30 minutes break to eat or use the toilet; therefore while they are away the booth must be closed to prevent unneeded theft and damages.

Crystal heels offers products to its customer on a job production basis. The supplier is AAlmir Plastic Industries LLC. This company has been catering to the plastic manufacturing requirements of many small and large companies. AAlmir is offering us with an excellent price to manufacture our support, they are willing to charge us with 10 AED for each pair, this includes with the color needed and size of heel. The advantage of choosing this company as our supplier is the price they offered and the location of the company, which is 14 minutes away from the warehouse and Sharjah co-operation. This way it makes it easier to get access and less transportation expenses.

The quality of the operation of crystal heel can be affected by factors such as…

To ensure that quality remains stable, crystal heel will…

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