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Mappes Article Sexual Morality

Paper type: Article
Pages: 2 (423 words)
Categories: Art,Article,Moral,Morality,Philosophy,Sex
Downloads: 30
Views: 253

In the short article “Sexual Morality and the Concept of Using Another Person” by Thomas Mappes, there are several points that he makes about what should be considered morally right or wrong. Mappes sticks to three main points when it comes to what he considers morally right or wrong. These three cases are “using another person”, “deception of one by another”, and “coercion”. All three points basically revolve around how he feels that it is wrong for one person to in any way shape or form to use another person for sexual interaction.

He bases this viewpoint around the “conventional” sexual morality which outlines that sex without love is immoral.

I cannot say that I completely agree or disagree with his points that are made. This is not because I cannot see what he is trying to say but rather because I feel that there are many other view points to see this topic through. Firstly he talks about “using another person” in which he describes that it is wrong for one person to use another person merely as means.

This is the general basis of his entire article. Though I do agree it is wrong for one person to use another person merely as sexual means, I see many situations in which both parties are using each other for the same thing. Not to have a further interaction or relationship after the matter. Mappes declares that “A immorally uses B if and only if A intentionally acts in a way that violates the requirement that B’s involvement with A’s ends be based on B’s Voluntary informed consent.”

This basically means that if someone is to have sexual intercourse with another person then both people must agree to the others conditions as well as respect the others wishes. However in the point I made before, there are times that both parties are using each other for the same thing. In which case does it really matter if either party is completely honest with the other? The reason this is important is because if both parties want to have sexual intercourse with the other and have no other intentions with the other person, do they need to have a more in-depth relationship? Secondly he talks about deception of one person by another, in this he speaks about several different ways one could deceive another. In any which case, he views it as immoral to do so.

Finally he voices his opinion about “Coercion”, in this case coercion is basically a complex word for “rape”.

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