Many Different Types of Movies.

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Movies can be such a wonderful plan if you like sitting for two hours. When choosing to see a movie, you have to make your decision wisely. In a movie theatre, there are many choices of different types of movies. The choosing of a movie can be hard at times, but there are always positives and negatives. The movie selection has to do with whether you want to be sitting scared for your life, laughing the whole time, or crying because love is such a beautiful thing.

The Scary Movies: Do you want to be sitting in your seat and every five seconds be wondering if someone will be coming to kill you? Sitting in a seat like nothing is going on and then, all of a sudden, a person comes out of nowhere and kills one of the main characters and you jump completely out of your seat usually happens to ones who regret going. If a person likes to watch scary movies and likes to bring people with them who do not like that kind of movie.

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When that person is going home they could be looking in every direction to see if the “The Nun” from the movie you just watched is coming to get attached to you. For instance, if you like to watch “Slender Man” then you probably like to watch movies that people are being killed, being hunted for days, or disappearing from school events. “Get Out” consists of stories like getaway relationship trips that have to do with the woman usually being a serial killer.

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The Comedy Movies: Spending two hours in a movie theatre is such a wonderful event when all you have been doing is laughing your head off. Comedy movies are usually the ones that get attention the most, adults like to go watch a funny movie once in a while. Usually, couples watch these to make it a date and have fun. Nothing is more boring than sitting in a movie theatre not talking to the person next to you and just sitting in silence for two hours. Although “Life of The Party” has a very good theme about a mom going back to college and joining her daughter’s sorority. This movie will make you laugh and have a wonderful time. Sometimes, other movies make you laugh like “Deadpool” and the movie “Tag.”
The Romance Movies: The romance movies are the ones that single best friends looking for true love like to attend. Some wives like to drag their husbands to see these wonderful romantic movies. Teenagers are usually the ones that really like romantic movies. Especially ones like “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” that have to do with a teenager writing letters to the boys that she had passed with. “The Kissing Booth” is about two best friends of the opposite sex, and the girl has a big enormous crush on her best friend's older brother. The older brother and the best friend end up falling in love and hiding it from the younger brother. Although some movies have to do with teenagers, there's one with older love stories. “The Notebook” is popular with people who like to watch romantic movies.
Many different types of movies have a good story to show what kind of movie you are going to be watching. If it is going to be one where you are going to be jumping out of your seat every five seconds, laughing all two hours because it is so funny, or if you are going to cry the whole time because love is such a beautiful thing. A movie, either way, can be a wonderful date or a good family trip to dinner and a movie.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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