Mall Assignment Observation Writeup

The store was more male-dominant, though there was females present. Every employee was wearing a blue apple employee shirt. It seems as though that is the only dress code requirement. Clear evidence of emotional work, the employees were all smiling, cheerful, and very welcoming. I observed an employee acknowledging concerns of his customer, and trying his best to change their mood into a positive one. Every employee looks different; signs of individuality apparent.

The Work

It looks like the employees were having fun.

Some were socializing in groups, some where helping customers, and others were doing their own thing but it seemed very relax and fun. I observed their check-in system for technical appointments. Customers walk in and head towards the employee with the green iPad. After checking in with that specific employee, they head back to the genius bar and wait for their name to be called. I also observed an employee selling a mac to a customer. Another employee brought out the mac to the customer during this interaction.

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I saw employee cleaning the products on the tables with clothes and re-cable wires after customer use. The store was very clean, well-kept, and bright.

There was no hiring signs

The Store Atmosphere

Music was playing, different from the music played in the mall The feel of the store is very communal and social. It felt like a social gathering. The store caters anyone wanting to play with technology, gain technical support for apple products, or buy apple products and apple accessories The products being sold: iMacs, macbooks, iPads, iPhones, apple accessories, speakers, headphones, earphones, computer software, printers, etc.

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Customer’s demographics vary, all different ages, both male and female, and all different races. This place of business housed all races, ages, and both genders.

Customers behaved friendly.
Customers and workers interact very friendly and openly.
Store: H&M
Date of Observation: March 30th, 2015
Time of Observation: 1:45 PM

The Workers

Observed about 10 people working, 3 cashiers, and 6 employees walking around the store assisting customers. 4 male workers, 6 female workers. Young in age ranging from 18-24, one old worker which I assumed to be the manager. One white female (older worker), and the rest of the workers were of African-American background. There was no uniform, just a name tag. All the workers were their own clothing and had their own style. Most of them where not smiling. No signs of emotional work. Signs of individuality based on no uniform requirement

The Work

It did not look like the workers were having fun, no emotion on the face. When I went to ring out a piece of clothing, all the worker asked for was my form of payment and said “have a nice day”. There was no eye-contact or communication. I did not observe much practice except employees walking around fixing messed up clothes and re-arranging articles of clothing on the wall Workers at the cashier communicated amongst themselves. Workers walking around did ask if anyone needed help. Nature of work was clothing retail.

The store was clean and well-kept, bright and brightened.
There was no hiring signs
40% off discount sign at entrance of store
The Store Atmosphere
H&M Store

The store is divided into two parts with two entrances. One entrance for the male section with male clothing and accessories and one entrance for the female section with male clothing, accessories, and jewelry. The store feels very welcoming as it is very brightened.

Hip-hop music was playing in the background

Store caters to customers looking to shop for clothing and custom jewelry Sneakers, formal and informal dress attire, custom jewelry, hats, and various articles of clothing are being sold Young (teenagers) customers come into the store both male and female Races vary: Hispanic, Caucasian and African American

Customers minded their own business, did not interact with other customers. There was little to no interaction with customers and workers unless a customer needed help At the cashier, workers did not communicate with customers except for asking for form of payment, ID, and wishing them to have a nice day

Store: Michael Kors
Date of Observation: March 30th, 2015
Time of Observation: 2:30 PM

The Work

The women did look like they were having fun even though the store was empty and they were just standing around. They were laughing with each other while being attentive to customers Workers helped customers try on watches and sized purchase watches by removing links. It seemed as if the coworkers cultivated friendships by how sociable they were with each other Nature of work is customer service and retail for clothing retail and fine jewelry and accessories The store was very clean, well organized, elegant and vibrant There was no signs of any hiring signs.

The Store Atmosphere
Michael Kors store

The store is very bright and vibrant. Lights shine on the mannequins in the window display. A lot of glass display of watches. The feel of the store is very sheik and classical. There is a feeling of wealth when walking into the store. Everything looks very pricey and exclusive The store caters to anyone who is interested in watches and female clothing. The store predominately caters to women however there is a section for mens watches that caters to strictly men. A lot of young customers came into the store however, there were some old customers too. In regards to race, a lot of customers of Caucasian background came into the store and a few of African American background. Most people who came into the store were women. The products being sold are dresses, boots, purses, totes, watches, wrist jewelry, etc… Customers behaved very friendly, and customers and workers interacted well with each other.

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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