Love Story

Love Story
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The brain has many unique functions, one of which is that it can store up to millions of memories from your childhood up until now just like a computer or a memory card. Many people believe that a single memory can stay in the human mind forever and attempts on removing it can prove extremely difficult even with the help of a psychologist. I for one, agrees on this theory that it cannot be removed. In my brain, millions of…...
Cinderella Not a Love Story
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A very common fairy tale that we have grown up hearing is the story of Cinderella, a poor girl whose dreams of marrying a prince and living happily ever after, finally comes true after many years of wishing upon a star. Individual writers of the “Cinderella” story may alter the story, but the general concept is always the same. This classic story has been told to millions of children and is known as a great romance. A romance is supposed…...
If Beale Street Could Talk: The Story of Love and Endurance
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Pages • 5
The topics of racial injustice and ethnic discrimination are extremely popular in literature. Writers of fiction exploit these topics, to shed the light on the difficulties a black person faces in contemporary America. James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk is considered by critics as a brilliant representation of the racial and ethnic tensions in the American society. However, despite the profound racial implications, this book is primarily a love story. Certainly, James Baldwin condemns racism and imperialism and criticizes…...
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The Notebook: An Epic Love Story
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Pages • 2
This movie is an incredible adaptation of the book The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. The movie followed the book and did nothing to make you cringe. Nick Cassavetes did an excellent job directing this film and made it the movie it is! The plot of the story is based around a young couple. They fall madly in love with all the twists and drama young lovers will have. The young couple is seperated during World War 2 but is reunited…...
Drinking a Love Story by Caroline Knapp
Words • 676
Pages • 3
Drinking a love story by Caroline describes a life of an alcoholic daughter of rich parents. Excessive wealth, love and carelessness from her parents caused her to adopt life threatening habits. She later on started consuming alcohol. She indulged in alcoholism so much that her life was completely devastated. Caroline describes in details the bad outcomes of excessive consumption of alcohol. One third of alcoholics are women. Every day she consumed more and more alcohol and that was causing more…...
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