Love Is All About Sacrifices in Relationship

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Love encourages people to sacrifice important things in their lives for others. Love can destroy or improve ones’ life. It once happen to a little country girl in the early days. Love totally changed her life both destroying it and improving it. This girl’s name was Kat and she was the mayor’s daughter who was advised by her father to marry a guy named Bruce. Bruce was kind of a nice guy, really successful, but very serious and didn’t have no time to have fun.

He was very well liked by the whole town and all the girls went crazy when they saw him. Everyone thought it was a great idea if they got married.

Although, on the other hand, Kat was a girl very high spirited and she had fun all the time. One windy and cloudy afternoon, Bruce asked Kat’s hand in marriage while talking to her father. Kat’s father was very happy about the news that he announced the request to the whole town.

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Kat rather seemed “okay” about the whole situation instead of being excited. That night she had a dream about a dart in a board spinning over and over again but instead of the spinning making her dizzy she was happy. It was a really strange dream and it kept repeating three nights in a row.

Contrary to her strange dream, she went to seek advice from her grandma who was probably about 94 years old. She was so excited to see her granddaughter and listen to her.

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“I had a dream grandma, a very strange dream and I need you to tell me what you think it means” she said. “I’m all ears” said grandma. “Let’s hear it”. She explained the whole dream to her grandma and said “ so what do you think it means? ” Asked Kat. Grandma said “pumpkin this dream means you should follow your heart and instinct because something important is about to happen in your life”.

With excitement she said “ oh grandma, I love you, you always have answers to every question”. “That’s what I do”. So Kat decided to head towards home. On her way home she noticed a conveyance truck or moving truck parked in front of an old house. Due to curiosity, she neared and watched what was happening there. To her amazement, she saw a handsome spirited young man who was admiring the building. She asked “are you new in the neighborhood? ” “Yeah I am, anyway I am Jason”.

She stared at him for a while before answering” oh, I am Kat the mayor’s daughter and it’s nice to meet you” she finally said. I have to go, so I guess I would be seeing you around” she said. “Yeah “he answered. She looked so happy and relaxed on her way home. At her arrival at home her dad wanted to talk to her about Bruce but she said she didn’t like Bruce and wouldn’t marry him. Her father tried to convince her but she didn’t want to talk about it. The next day she went spying on Jason, she would get up early, go hide behind the house hoping to see him. This continued for many days until her best friend Tatiana followed her one day and found out she was spying on the “new guy in town” as she referred Jason to.

During one morning, Tatiana went over to Jason’s house and told him all about what Kat did every morning. So he hid behind the house waiting for Kat to come. She did and was caught by Jason. He explained to her how he knew and that he also likes her but doesn’t spy on her behind her house every morning. Surprisingly, they started to go out for months during which Kat’s dad kept haunting her to marry Bruce. Six months later, they both expressed their feelings and decided to tell Kat’s dad that they are getting married. To their dismay , Kat’s dad did not agree with their decision and refused to give them his blessings.

Out of love for Jason, Kat decided to leave her dad and the town to go get married to Jason in a different town or country. Before leaving she thanked her best friend Tatiana for being there for her and helping her. Also she invited her to be the brides maid at her wedding. Without her father’s acknowledgement she left the town, got married and had kids. Then he realized how happy his daughter is and began to regret not being there for her. So life can be real hard or easy but it all depends on the decisions made in our lives. Sacrifices made in our lives can result in pain or happiness. We should be wise and always make the right sacrifices!

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Love Is All About Sacrifices in Relationship
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