Personal Sacrifices for Career Success

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I) Introduction
We are studying at Vietnam Commercial University and in the future, we will receive a bachelor’s degree of economy. With this degree, maybe someone would like to find the suitable work and try to be successful in this work. There is a question that “ what is the success?”. Famous? High salary? High position? Or simply, have a job that you like?. Depending on the particular people, who will have different answers. However, everybody knows that the road to success should always be accompanied by sacrifices.

If you want to succeed, you need to sacrifice. These sacrifices, we couldn’t describe it in a sentence or so. Therefore, we are here today to discuss thoroughly about “Personal sacrifices for career success”.

II) Development
1) What is career success and personal sacrifices ?
First of all, we will learn about the basic concepts of career and personal sacrifices. Most people consider career success to be the chain of small continuous achievements to form a big achievement which has a very important role in one’s career.

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By taking that big achievement, we are successful in career. In other words, career success is taking and confirmed the chain of important achievements which is related to the action, life, career or valuable idea. Personal sacrifice is something you lose then get something else as the compensation. Following the result, we could assess the sacrifice to be much or not much, worth or not worth. Success in career brings us a lot of things such as money, fame, and prestige….

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but we also have to sacrifice; maybe as little as effort and time, however, sometimes it is the big deal. Personal sacrifice is to leave behind voluntarily personal precious things and serve for benefits of others (or society) without any rewards.

2) Advantages and disadvantages of personal sacrifices.
Next, we will discuss about kind of sacrifice that people have made to success. The first is time life. Arranging a reasonable time for the job is very important. However to achieve success in your career; you'll spend almost all your time on the job. You use your whole day in the research planning implementing plans to achieve the goals already set. When starting a new job to create a good impression with your boss, to get everyone's attention, you must express yourself more than other. You must be hang person in work. You care about your job, you spend more time on it, you'll go to word earlier than everyone, and when to workload its too much, that you had not done enough to in the day. you are willing to work overtime to complete them. That efforts will be more successful for you.

Every year you have about 100 days-off. They include of weekend, vacation,..althought they are days-off, you still have to work hard while people are using to their time to going to cinema, going shopping with family, friend or simply resting at home, you are working as a workaholic. While people breathing fresh air, chatting with friends,laughing loudly ...; you are busy with a lot of papers and plans ... after all. You take sometime to rest after the plan was completed, to relieve stress and create the excitement to work for the next step.

To success in your career, you can sacrifice their family. You work day and night even in days-off. You don’t have must time for your family. It consumes most of the time of career of you and only afford them a very minimum time for your family. All members don’t have dinner together because you go home late or don’t have much time take care them. When your family have some problems that important, you can’t go home immediately to resolve thet problem because you are very busy in office. When relatives visit, you can’t welcome a warm although you want to invite them to stay in your home for several days. Each person has the prionty in life and each person should decide which prioritize what to do. Having a career is a guarantee for a secure futer of the family which means that though you want to have a career it is because of your family.

Besides, you also have friendship which is very important in relationship in your life. But you want to complete all the tasks you’ve been assigned you have to work hard and have no time for your friend. And you can’t have coffee every night or go to the cinema with your friends. Those are reason of bad relationships with your family and friend.

You want to have a successful career, you have to sacrifice many things to achieve, although it is the important stuff, like money and pleasure. When you want to invest in a domain, you need a sum of money. But may be due to the opportunity or luck that you did not succeed, so that money was lost. But in return, you have more experience and knowledge to firmer times. Think that it's a worthy sacrifice, because you know you can make a lot of many times more than that amount, with that experience. The logic is simple: If you do an average job and save some money, you will earn an average income. If you do an extraordinary job by spending some of your money, you can earn an extraordinary income.

Not only money, when you want to really succeed, you have to give up your pleasure. Why? Because if you want to do both, you will be distracted and unfocused. Only you give up it, you can put all your mind and energy on the job you are pursuing. And ability to succeed will be higher. Successful individuals let go of ‘immediate pleasure’ for long-lasting success. If you haven’t reached where you are headed, then dig your head in practice and study till you get there. Instead of spending time and money for your pleasure use the time to further your career.

3) How to balance your career and personal life?
* Clearly defined objectives
Money can not be the primary goal for you to reach in his life, so do not be determined because the money that is willing to sacrifice everything * Don't be afraid to ask for help.

If you have stress in work or trouble at home, be sure to ask for help from people. Your boss may not even realize that you are being overburdened unless you make it known. You should not feel as if the fate of your company rests solely in your hands or as if the happiness of your family rests only on your shoulders. * Written goals:

write a list of priority tasks must be completed in a day. You are not only happy when it's completed but also avoid feeling stress. - Sharing with someone :
a close friend, a consultant who will help you a lot in the process of finding the balance between work and life. Although busy but you should also take the time to meet your friend and talk to relieve the knots themselves. They can give you some advice, appropriate solutions to help you overcome stress. The balance in your life will go back to you. * Do not bring too many projects go to home on the weekend. Keep a distance of work will give you time to relax, so you are more alert and productive work when the second day.

III) Conclusion
The sacrifices you need to make which depend on your ultimate goals. Only you can decide what is more important to you and whether you are ready and prepared to change! In order to obtain anything worthwhile in life, you have to make sacrifices. You have to give up something NOW in order to obtain something that you perceive to be better LATER. It’s always been that way and it always will be. Remember, first you make your choices, then your choices make you. There is No Success Without Sacrifice. Our presentation’ve finished. Hope it could provide you some useful information and knowledge. Thank you!

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Personal Sacrifices for Career Success
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