Loss of Family Due to a Faction in a Divergent Series

Would you leave your family and never see them again if you didn’t fit that faction that they were in? Well in the divergent series that’s exactly how it goes and the main character doesn’t fit any of them . Factions are based on personality and strength, each Faction has a certain quality that they value.The factions are Abnegation(selfless), Erudite (smart), Dauntless (brave), Candorn(honest), and Amity(peaceful). Tris the main character was born into Abnegation, but she’s not selfless she’s strong-willed and hard-headed when she receives the results of her aptitude test she learned that she is Divergent, meaning she doesn’t fit into any one class instead she fits 3, Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless.

After receiving the result of the aptitude test in Divergent person get used to staying in the faction they were born into or test into a more fitting faction if they fail the entrance test they become factionless and are forced to live in poverty.

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The city is run by the Erudite and its leader Jeanine. Jeanine wants to ruin Abnegation by using a serum to braid wash those in Dauntless to kill the Aberngation. The head of dauntless would like to kill off all Divergent and when Tris takes the aptitude test she has to hide her ability to see through the test and continue fighting as if she doesn’t know. Evelyn, Tobias mom, is taking charge when the Erudite leaders are dead. They escape the city and meet some new people called Zoe and Tobias’s presumed dead dauntless trainer Amar they take everyone to the Bureau genetic Warfare, which is inside the Chicago O’Hare Airport.

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While they were walking they were told that their city is called Chicago. David explains that Chicago is a social experiment meant to correct genetic damage caused by the government experiments intended to rid people of unwanted characteristics, like violence, greed, cowardice, dishonesty, and low intelligence. People who have genes have healed are not as divergent people whose genes have not healed are given a less glamorous name- genetically damaged. Tris gets ahold of her mom’s journal and finds out that her mom volunteer to go to into the city to try and stop all the violence.Tris meets Nita and she doesn’t believe Nita when she says,”she wants to steal the memory serum from David to stop him from using it against everyone in Chicago. Tris doesn’t believe her and she refuses to help Tobias and Nita. But Tobias decides to go against Tris and go help Nita.

But the Nita just wanted to kill everyone they end up setting off a bomb which injures Uriah and takes David hostage. Tris ends up getting David back before Nita can get him to tell her the code for the death serum. Nita and Tobias are arrested as traitors, Tobias gets free on account of him being genetically damaged, but Nita doesn’t. When Tris finds out that the Bureau plans to wipe the memories of everybody in Chicago, Tobias volunteers to go into the City and get certain friends and family members like your Uriah’s and Christina’s family. Tris decides to try the serum on everyone in the Bureau first. But at whoever enters the room housing memory serum will inhale the death serum will die.

Bureau’s emergency lockdown goes into effect for forcing Tris to start her plans sooner than expected. But she decides to sacrifice herself instead of Caleb because he’s doing it to absolve himself of guilt and she’s killing herself and in the name of love for her brother. Tris miraculously survived the death serum and dies when David shoots her as she unleashes the memory serum. Tobias returns from the city to find Tris’s dead. He cries and mourns and almost erases his own memory but Christina convinces him not to. Two and a half years later, Tobias proves that fear is not a factor for him when he zip lines from the Hancock building in Chicago scattering ashes all the way down he still misses her but he’s determined for them to look for the good in life with his friends. This book series is a constant reminder that you have to go through hard times to help shape you or to find out who you really are.

When Tris first chose Dauntless, she quickly realized there were decisions that she would make which would help shape her future. The first task the new Dauntless initiates had to face was blindly jumping into a huge, black hole. The scariest part of this was that no one had a clue what they would encounter once they entered the massive crater.“I don’t think. I just bend my knees and jump.”” I see a few hands stretching out to me at the edge of the net, so I grabbed the first one I could reach and pull myself across. I roll off, and I would have fallen face-first onto a what floor if he had not caught me.” (Roth,59) Tris was motivated to jump off the roof first into the pit. the other it initiates were calling her Stiff. This word made her want to prove them wrong and show them that she belongs in dauntless. And that she was notesseing around with the others.

  • “The Dauntless in the cars ahead of us are jumping out as the train passes a rooftop. ….On three we launch off the train car…my feet slam into solid ground..” (Roth 640)

she didn’t know what what would be at the bottom of the pit so she didn’t even look she just dropped straight down into the abyss hoping but she would be fine. As soon as she saw the dauntless jump of the train she knew she had to as well. So the next stop she jumped out and even though she didn’t know how to she did to stay alive and to not be called a stiff when they jumped off the train and they got to the roof all she wanted to do is be done with this training exercise

  • “ I will survive until tomorrow. I will.” (Roth 3149)

Al, Peter, and drew we’re trying to kill Tris because she was placed first and if she dies they move up the rankings. this water Fades trust to work even harder because being baby’s first doesn’t mean you are the best, there are still many challenges ahead as her being thrown in the chiasm. Both quotes show that she is fearless and showing that she is determined to survive and complete the tests.

In life you have to go through the bad things to find out who you really are. When Tris gets her results back she needs to figure out who she is and what she has to hide due to being divergent.

  • “ people who get this kind of results are…” she looks over her shoulder like she expects someone to appear behind her.”… are called…. Divergent.”(Roth 20)

This quote shows how it was difficult for her, since the test was supposed to show her where she belongs but instead showed more of an issue. for her it was supposed to be easy take the test get one faction but she got three. it didn’t help that she couldn’t tell anybody or she would have been killed.

“I thought that ‘ Divergent’ explained everything that I am everything that I could be, but maybe I was wrong.”(Roth 31) She is realizing that there is more than having a faction, being Divergent, and that she could be everything more than that. and she is getting on the road to finding her own identity even if she doesn’t realize it. Both quotes show that when she is finding out about being divergent that it doesn’t explain everything like she thought. And it would be harder to deal with than she thought.

Topic Sentence:


  • “Someone inside me is a merciful, forgiving person. Somewhere there’s a girl who tries to understand what people are going through, who accepts that people are going through evil things and that desperation leads to darker places than they ever imagined.”(Roth 23:92-93)

In this quote Tris is telling Al, after he teamed up with peter to attack her, that somewhere inside of her she could back up his actions with some reasons, but that was more of her Abnegation self, the person she left behind a long time ago. This was good for her character development. showing how the braver side of her was finally shining threw.

  • “ before I open my eyes, I watch him crumble on the pavement again. dead. My doing.” (Roth 5582) Tris feels guilty for shooting will and that makes her vulnerable and instantaneously thinks about it and it haunts her but does make her stronger but she had to live with the guilt first. she doesn’t know how to break it to her best friend that she shot there best friend. but she knows she had to do it since he was being controlled by Jeanine. Both these quotes show that she feels every guilty about having to shot will and she knows that it was Jeanine controlling him but she still hated doing it and regretted it.

Some people might argue that the theme in the divergent series is that you should never let other people make decisions for you. This could be the theme but if you look at the facts on page 94-95, “But becoming fearless isn’t the point. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it that’s the point. I used to think the dauntless was fearless.” This quote shows that she is learning from her mistakes and it helps shape her in the future and also helps her make decisions. Even though you should never let other people make decisions for you, the theme of this book is about hard decisions and how they shape the characters.

The divergent has many lessons in it but most of the revolve around hard decisions and how they shape you. It’s debatable that having a harder time than most can make you cold and rude to others, than rather making you stronger and more incline to help others in need. In the divergent, you have to take a test to find you faction and that test relies on you to make hard decisions to figure out what faction you will belong in. Tris and Tobias goes through a journey of heartbreak, lies, and betrayal and from all the things she goes through she has learned a lot about who cares about her, how to protect others, and trusting others.

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