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To Build a Fire
Original title To Build a Fire
Author Jack London

Adventure , Short Story

Language English
Characters the man, the old, timer, the dog
Published 1902
ISBN 978-0-14-310528-3
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“To Build a Fire” is a short story by Jack London. The story is set in the Yukon Territory during the Klondike Gold Rush. The protagonist, an unnamed man, is travelling alone through the wilderness when he is forced to stop and build a fire. The man is inexperienced in the cold and does not build a proper fire, resulting in his death.

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What Are The Conflicts In The Story “To Build a Fire”?
...In the end and eventually, the man tries to run out his trouble and in doing so cements his wintry burial. He collapses on his feet and realizes the error of his ways and pride in not taking a partner. He resigns to his demise and accepts death tranq...