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The Red Badge of Courage
Original title The Red Badge of Courage
Author Stephen Crane
Genre Tragedy
Language English
Characters Henry Fleming, the novel's protagonist, Jim Conklin, nicknamed the tall soldier," a friend of Henry's, Wilson, another of Henry's friends, The loud soldier, a boisterous and outgoing man, The tattered soldier ...
Published December 1894 - October 1895
ISBN 978-0-553-21273-1
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The book is about a young man named Henry Fleming who goes to war. He is very excited at first, but quickly realizes that war is not what he thought it would be. He is scared and does not want to fight, but he does not want to be seen as a coward. He eventually overcomes his fears and becomes a hero.

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What Does it Mean to Be Brave?
...Don't mistake bravery for having any fear Bravery is from being scared but still facing the obstacle that ails you. My obstacle was my opponent no matter how big or how fast I didn't back down, now was I scared yes one hundred percent but that's befo...