Hassan - Free Essay Examples And Topic Ideas

Hassan is a loyal and true friend to Amir, the protagonist of The Kite Runner. He is always there for Amir, no matter what the situation is. Hassan is also a Hazara, which is a minority group in Afghanistan that is often discriminated against. Despite all of this, Hassan is a kind and good person who always tries to do the right thing.

Essay themes and ideas about Hassan

  • Hassan as the Ultimate Loyal Friend
  • Hassan’s Unwavering Devotion to Amir
  • The Selfless Nature of Hassan
  • Hassan’s Undying Friendship for Amir
  • Hassan’s Unconditional Love for Amir
  • The Purity of Hassan’s Intentions
  • Hassan’s Unquestioning Loyalty to Amir
  • Hassan’s Complete Dedication to Amir
  • Hassan’s Unending Support for Amir
  • Hassan’s True Friendship for Amir
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