The Kite Runner Characters list


Amir is the main character of The Kite Runner, a novel by Khaled Hosseini. He is a young boy from a wealthy family in Kabul, Afghanistan, who struggles with guilt and redemption after abandoning his friend and servant Hassan in their childhood and watching him get raped by an older boy. As he grows up and moves to the United States, Amir tries to make amends for his past and find a way to live with his mistakes.


Assef is a antagonist character in the book The Kite Runner. He is violent, racist, and cruel. He sees himself as superior because of his Afghan and German blood, and bullies and torments the main character, Amir, throughout the book. He also joins the Taliban and participates in the rape and torture of innocent people.


Baba is a complex character in The Kite Runner. He is a successful businessman in Afghanistan, but also a very strict and traditional father to his son Amir. He values honor, courage, and masculinity above all else, but also has a deep secret that causes tremendous guilt and regret. He is a father figure not only to Amir, but also to the Hazara boy Hassan who works for him and later becomes an object of betrayal. Despite his flaws, Baba is a character that evokes both admiration and empathy from the readers.


Hassan from The Kite Runner is a loyal and kind-hearted boy, who is Amir’s best friend and servant. He is brave, selfless, and resilient despite the injustices he faced due to his ethnicity and social status. His unwavering devotion to Amir, as well as his unwavering loyalty to his principles, make him a tragic and beloved character.


Sohrab is a young boy in The Kite Runner who was orphaned during the Taliban’s reign in Afghanistan. He is the son of Hassan, the childhood friend and servant of the main character, Amir. Sohrab is traumatized by the violence he has witnessed and struggles to connect with others, but forms a bond with Amir as they try to find a way to escape Afghanistan together.

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