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Finding Forrester
Original title Finding Forrester
Author William Forrester
Genre Novel
Language English
Characters Jamal Wallace, Robert Crawford, Claire
Published 1997
ISBN 0-786-72745-8
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In Finding Forrester, a film directed by Gus Van Sant, a 16 year old African American boy named Jamal Wallace (Rob Brown) is taken under the wing of an unlikely mentor, William Forrester (Sean Connery), a reclusive writer who has not been seen in public for years.Jamal is a talented writer, and Forrester takes him under his wing, teaching him about the craft of writing and helping him to hone his skills. Forrester is a gruff, no-nonsense mentor, but he comes to care for Jamal and to see the potential in him.The two form a unique bond, and when Forrester’s true identity is revealed, it threatens to tear them apart. But in the end, their friendship is stronger than ever, and Jamal has found a true mentor and friend.

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