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Fight Club
Original title Fight Club
Author Chuck Palahniuk
Genre Satirical Novel
Language English
Characters Tyler Durden, Marla Singer, Narrator (Jack), Bob, Angel Face, Big Bob, Chronos, Durden, Fecund, Heliotrope ...
Published August 17, 1996
ISBN 978-0-345-80464-3
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The novel tells the story of an unnamed protagonist who struggles with an increasingly debilitating insomnia. In search of a way to cope, he finds solace in attending support groups for various illnesses and disorders.
This eventually leads him to create his own support group, which he calls Fight Club. The club becomes a way for the protagonist to release his pent-up aggression, and he soon attracts a following of like-minded men.
As the club grows, the violence escalates, and the protagonist finds himself caught up in a spiral of destruction. The novel culminates in a final showdown between the protagonist and the leader of Fight Club, revealing the shocking truth behind the club’s existence.

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