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Original title Editha
Author William Dean Howells
Genre Drama , Southern Gothic
Language English
Characters Editha, George, Mrs Editha, Mr George
Published 2014
ISBN 978-1-4391-6617-1
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The story begins with a young couple, George and Editha, who are very much in love. They have only been dating for a few months, but they are already talking about marriage. George is a patriotic young man who is eager to enlist in the army to fight in the Spanish-American War. Editha is a very patriotic woman who believes that it is her duty to support her country in times of war. She encourages George to enlist, even though she knows that it could mean his death.
George enlists in the army and goes off to fight in the war. He is wounded in battle and is sent home to recover. While he is recuperating, Editha begins to have doubts about the war. She starts to question whether it is really worth it to fight and die for one’s country. She also begins to feel guilty about the fact that she encouraged George to enlist.
George eventually recovers from his wounds and returns home. He is a changed man, and he is no longer interested in Editha. He breaks off their relationship and goes off to live his own life. Editha is left heartbroken and alone.

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