Essays on Disabled by Wilfred Owen

Disabled by Wilfred Owen
Original title Disabled by Wilfred Owen
Author Wilfred Owen


Language English
Characters Dulce Et Decorum Est, Anthem For Doomed Youth
Published 1920
ISBN no ISBN for this book because it out of print
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In his poem “Disabled,” Wilfred Owen vividly describes the physical and psychological toll that war takes on a soldier. The speaker in the poem is a young man who has been wounded in battle and is now confined to a wheelchair. He is bitter and angry, and he feels that his life is over. He remembers how he used to be, full of energy and life, and he can’t help but compare himself to the other soldiers who are still able to fight. He is envious of their ability to walk and run, and he feels like a burden to them. The speaker is also haunted by the memory of the moment when he was wounded, when he saw the light of life slowly fading from his own eyes.

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