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And The Band Played On
Original title And The Band Played On
Author Randy Shilts
Genre Fiction
Language English
Characters Randy Shilts, San Francisco, AIDS, Gay Men, Lesbians, Haemophiliacs, Blood Transfusion Patients, Government, Pharmaceutical Companies, Doctors ...
Published 1987
ISBN 067165711X
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The book And The Band Played On is about the AIDS epidemic and the ways in which it impacted the world. The book chronicles the early days of the epidemic, when little was known about the disease and it was primarily affecting the gay community. The book also discusses the politics of the disease, as well as the science behind it.The book is critical of the way that the government and the medical community handled the AIDS epidemic, and argues that more could have been done to prevent the spread of the disease. The book also discusses the personal stories of people who were affected by AIDS, both directly and indirectly.And The Band Played On is an important book that brings to light the ways in which the AIDS epidemic changed the world.

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