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A Good Man Is Hard to Find
Original title A Good Man Is Hard to Find
Author Flannery O'Connor
Genre Southern Gothic
Language English
Characters The Misfit, The Grandmother, Bailey, John Wesley, June Star, Red Sammy Butts, The Owner, Hiram
Published 1955 ( Harcourt, Brace and Company )
ISBN 9780811218029
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About A Good Man Is Hard to Find Book:

A Good Man Is Hard to Find is a collection of Flannery O’Connor’s short stories, released in 1955. In this collection, as in much of the author’s other work, we meet a cast of colorful, hidebound characters who manage to elude redemption for the most part. It is widely accepted that several stories are among the greatest examples of the genre ever written.

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A road trip to Florida for a family vacation turns tragic for one family. The matriarch, Grandmother, wishes to take the family to Tennessee instead and finally manipulates her son into a detour that will bring them into danger.

Flannery O’Connor’s best-known work, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” is the subject of this story. It’s also one of her most researched and debated pieces because of the stunning and brutal conclusion.

Book Summary:

The good man is hard to find southern gothic by Elmore Leonard is a Masterpiece of Southern Gothic Literature. The strange happenings, interesting characters, and stunning native hues magically illuminate daily life in South America.

The grandmother argues that her grandson and his family would have a better time in Tennessee. John Wesley, age 8, recommends that Grandma stay in the house. When they are traveling through a cotton field, she claims that there are plantation graves in the middle of the field.

When Bailey is startled by Pitty Sing’s escape from the basket, he loses control of the vehicle. The grandmother has a flash of insight and realizes the home was in Tennessee, not Georgia. A passing car pulls over, and three men with guns get out; the grandmother recognizes one of them as the Misfit.

The Misfit orders June Star and the baby’s mother into the woods. After returning from the woods, Bobby Lee and Hiram examine the grandmother suspiciously. Despite the grandmother’s pleading, one of the Misfits shoots a woman three times.

Read the literary criticism of A Good Man Is Hard to Find to gain a deeper understanding of the plot and characters that the summary cannot provide.

A Good Man Is Hard to Find quotes

  •     “When she told a story, she rolled her eyes and waved her head and was very dramatic.”
  •     “I guess a good man IS hard to find!”
  •     “Living had got to be such a habit with him that he couldn’t conceive of any other condition.”
  •     “The trouble with the world was that nobody stopped or took any care.”
  •     “The grandmother decided she would not mention that the house was in Tennessee.”
  •     “She had never given much thought to the devil, for she felt that religion was essential for those who didn’t have the brains to avoid evil without it.”
  •     “I wouldn’t take my children in any direction with a criminal like that aloose in it. I couldn’t answer to my conscience if I did.” 
  •     “You all should take them elsewhere for a change so they would see different parts of the world and be broad. They have never been to East Tennessee.”

Essay Structure on A Good Man Is Hard to Find:


The introduction of an essay follows the same rules as any other piece of writing, with an additional emphasis on highlighting the thesis. Your reader should have a clear idea of the topic of your essay by the end of your introductory paragraph. Once you’ve got the basics, you can follow the usual rules for writing an introduction.


The body paragraphs of your essay support your argument and provide proof. Check how you order body paragraphs. Some arguments benefit from logical development, where one point leads to another. The reader doesn’t understand the issues as well as you do (that’s why you’re writing the essay). Therefore order your paragraphs for them.

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When analyzing A Good Man Is Hard to Find, the author reveals a fascinating detail. It’s no coincidence that the grandmother and The Misfit share many traits. Whether they’re lying, manipulating, or murdering to achieve their goals doesn’t matter.

Indicated Flannery O’Connor’s concern is addressed in the essay A Good Man is Hard to Find. The author is disturbed by the themes of self-interest and individualism. This issue must be addressed as soon as possible. The world will become a collection of “self-focused wanderers without a community who use others as means to their own ends” if people continue to be selfish individualists.

Tips to Consider While Writing An essay about A Good Man Is Hard to Find:

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Read the book thoroughly:

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Write the thesis statement:

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 Include a lesson or moral:

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Conclusion: Proofread your work:

Finally, your essay is coming to a finish. It is important that your “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” essay conclusion restates the thesis and does not introduce any new ideas that you have not already discussed in the body.

What’s the harm in sprucing things up? When writing a conclusion, it’s best to use the introduction and the body elements. In any case, strive to make it one-of-a-kind and intriguing. You have one final opportunity to make a good impression on your audience at the conclusion. It’s a good idea to write a conclusion that’s neither too long nor too short. Moreover, do A Good Man Is Hard To Find discussions with your teachers or other fellows before you start writing. It will also help you a lot!

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    i.          What is the message of A Good Man is Hard to Find?

Flannery O’Connor illustrates the transformational power of human compassion and grace in her short tale “A Good Man is Hard to Find.”. Grandma and the Misfit, two stereotypical characters, are transformed to convey the story’s moral.

  ii.          What is the irony in A Good Man is Hard to Find?

Situational irony is when a tale’s development goes against what the reader anticipates. This kind of irony occurs in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” when a bad man, The Misfit, makes Bailey’s mother recognize herself for what she is, a sinner.

   iii.          What is the problem in A Good Man is Hard to Find?

To summarize (1) Family dysfunction due to a lack of communication and social ties amongst Bailey’s relatives, (2) Crime (the Misfit who was released from jail), and (3) Social status (the grandmother, who is selfish and does everything she can to retain her social status). 

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