Tom Sawyer: A Classic Novel

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Mark Twain’s book is a novel that follows the juvenile life of a small young boy. You will see just how much fun the main character, Tom, and his pals have by skipping school, fishing, swimming, and utilizing with their imaginations to have a great time. The Experiences of Tom Sawyer is a traditional book for numerous reasons. The plot gives us an idea about how individuals lived in the era the book happens in. Readers delight in the book because they can connect to Tom and enjoy his fun experiences.

Tom is constantly into having a good time with his buddies.

It is a traditional since it is pleasurable to readers of all ages, no matter what century, place, or gender you belong to. Tom’s experiences actually draw the reader into the book, making it a fun read. Twain did an actually good job at expressing the way Tom felt about things. In chapter 4 Twain makes going to church seem unlimited by making the chapter unlimited.

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He simply talks on and on about the Superintendent and about what happens in church. The book reveals actually well how individuals felt because time. Tom and his good friends were really superstitious.

Twain specified, “He crossed a little ‘branch’ 2 or 3 times, because of a dominating juvenile superstitious notion that to cross water baffled pursuit,” (62 ). Throughout the book there is a lot of prejudice towards African Americans and slavery. This offers us more of a concept about what life resembled for Tom and other people that lived throughout that period.

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Some readers enjoy the book because they can relate to Tom and his good friends and how the characters feel. Tom is really mischievous and sly. And readers take pleasure in that. Some kids don’t like school and like Tom would attempt actually tough to get out of having to go to class.

In chapter six Tom awakens and stated he has an aching toe. When that doesn’t work he complains and states that he can’t go to school due to the fact that of a loose tooth. All of this simply to leave going to school. Have you ever pretended that you were a pirate and had a witch hunt or pictured you were a cowboy? Well Tom did and many other readers have too. Connecting the reader to the books main character really draws them in even more. In chapter thirteen Tom and his friends, Huck and Joe, choose to escape to Jackson’s Island and end up being pirates.

On this adventure the reader might feel like he is there with the characters, making the book even more interesting to the reader. Tom is considered a hero in the book. And we all know being a hero is a big deal. This might make the reader want to be just like him, putting himself in Tom’s place. This makes the book even more popular, because the readers might enjoy the good-guy bad-guy scenario. Mark Twain’s book takes surprising turns and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, pushing the reader to keep going, and making it exciting to read.

Some books are packed full of mystery. Tom Sawyer is not one of them but does have an exciting plot. During chapter 9 the boys witness the murder of Dr. Robinson. During that chapter you are excited to find out what happens next. And Twain made it somewhat suspenseful making the book even more popular for a reader that likes mystery. Twain wrote, “… not twenty yards away, a human hand, holding a candle, appeared from behind a rock! ” (229). If Tom and Becky stuck in a cave wasn’t enough then finding another person right in there with you ought to be!

This is just one more example where Twain adds a little mystery to the life of Tom Sawyer. Mark Twain was really good at adding romance, mystery, adventure, etc. into the book making it appealing to just about everyone. As I have shown you, Mark Twain’s book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, is a classic novel. It is special to all readers because we can relate to Tom in different ways. The plot reflects real situations of that time. And the book has surprising twists pulling the reader into the book. Classical books are, among other things, enjoyable for people of all ages and timeless.

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