Life Changing Experience of Diabetes and Its Effects on My Family

Every second felt like my throat was becoming harder and drier; I gasped for air but couldn't swallow. I felt someone pick me up and place me on a stretcher, but I couldn't make out a face. My eyes slowly started to fade away, only seeing slight glimpses of light. I arrived at the helicopter only to lapse into a deep slumber. At seven years old my life was about to change forever. Hours later I wake up unknown to where I am; my vision far blurrier then I remember.

I make out several human like shapes, and realize I am surrounded by what seems to me as many doctors and nurses who are analyzing my blood and keeping record of it.

I try to rise from where I am laying down but I feel my body aching in every place possible; I can't even manage to bring myself to a sitting position. One of the doctors then realizes I am struggling and help me up to rest my back against a wall.

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As I am resting on the wall I ask for water to quench the thirst I am experiencing, but the doctor denies me for reasons to this day I do not know. He only claims he is able to give me ice, which at the time is quite painful to the roof of my mouth. I then am surrounded by doctors who start asking me questions like "What are your parents names?" and "What is your last name?”

I try time after time to answer the questions I am asked, but I can't remember.

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My memory is quite dull, and my parents fear it will remain this way. After further examination I am transported to immediate care. I remember one moment being examined by doctors and the next waking up in a hospital bed attached to several devices maintaining my blood levels. As I see what I am attached to I am frightened by the fact that every crease on my arms and legs are connected to medical tubes. I didn't understand the tragedy I was experiencing. As I am awake in the hospital bed I start to regain my memory. I look at my mom and ask in a terrified trembling voice “Where are we?' She looks at me with tears running from her eyes and says “ We are at All Children's Hospital.” She seems thrilled to just to hear me talk to her. She then squeezes me to point where I wasn't able to breathe claiming how worried she has been. Day four of being in the hospital, and I still don't know of the time I will be released. All I do is eat, breathe, and sleep. To my surprise many family members come to check in on me and see how I'm doing. To each of them I respond with the same answer “I am doing fine, but I just want to get out of here as soon as possible.”

I keep asking my parents and the doctors what I am diagnosed with but all I am told is that I wouldn't understand. My aggravation is increasing every minute of not knowing what I am going through. I can't stand it anymore so I convince my parents to at least try to explain what I'm experiencing. I was thinking finally I get to know what I have been going through, if I only would of known the stress it would bring upon me maybe I wouldn't of been so urgent to ask. My mother explains to me that I have diabetes, but its not that simple. Along with suffering from extremely high blood sugar I have very low electrolytes and extreme dehydration. My blood sugar ranking in the fifteen hundreds was the second highest All Children's Hospital has ever seen, and the person who experienced the first wasn't so lucky in the outcome. I suffered from no physical or mental defects due to the three diseases' I was experiencing. I praise the lord every day for how fortunate I am to have turned out the way I did.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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