Learning From The Stages of Life Every Person Passed Through

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Being a human being, there are stages that we need to pass through to become a fully matured adult and as we go on this stage we also progress and develop things that will help us in life. This transition feels just like a natural thing to many of us, but study shows that some people find their selves stuck or unable to go on this process but also some are completely emerged to this process that they just passed through a stage unnoticed easily, but the learning is left behind.

All living person is going through this stage right now, even the baby that is just born is already starting in this kind of process. There are four stages in life, first is the birth to adolescence age, second is the adolescence to adulthood, third is the adulthood to mature adulthood and the last one is the late adulthood to death.

The most challenging part among the stages of life is the second part.

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It is the stage which includes the adolescence stage, the early adulthood and the adulthood. It is the time when most of the teenagers or the people that are going through their adolescence stage were lost in finding their real-life goals and intentions in life. This stage is where the young adults are having a hard time discovering their selves and most of the people that are going through this stage are becoming adventurous and exploring different things to find their true self. In this case the person that is going through this stage of life will be able to overcome and proceed to adulthood if they are going to learn and mature through the things that they will experience and explore.

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What we could learn about being an adolescent to being a middle adult is that we could become more aware of our surroundings, be able to distinguish things, make independent decisions, have confidence in life and be able to categorize the things if they are right or wrong and choose the right thing to do in every situation in life.

If I were to determine and describe the stage I am in right now in my life, I will say that am now in the young adult because I think that I already overcome the teenage part of my where all the things that I did was impulsive and lack of thinking before doing. I now know that the hardship and challenges that I experienced is just the beginning of new and harder phases of life. Even though I am just a student who is just turning nineteen, I think that the teenage stage of my life has just ended and I am now a young adult. I am now experiencing the early adulthood where I ask different questions about life and its purpose. I am now in the middle of finding my true self and what are my real goals and my life’s meaning. As my life goes and progress I know that I will still develop and learn many new things in life and about life. The things, challenges and hardships that I will encounter as I goes through this different stages will help me grow and overcome the trials that will come. And as I go through these stages I will be able to deeply know myself and this could become my strength in continuing with everything in life.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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