Respect for the Dignity of Every Human Person

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Dignity and respect. Probably the two most important values to live by on a daily basis. First impressions are everything. Without respect; there is no dignity. The state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect play a huge role in our day to day life. Some cases more often than others or, at a higher value and stake than others. A person strives to be respected and valued not only in the present, but throughout their lifetime. But due to the environment in which we were raised or are currently in, we often intentionally or unintentionally break that principle of respect; dividing an individuals dignity into multiple essences you can say.

Respect can be seen to mean and represent many things. Some people tend to notice these things and are for seeing the better over the worse. These are open minded people. Close minded people will get nowhere. I’ve seen it and have heard many stories, of it.

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We are all born with equal right to respect, in order to maintain dignity. Non dependent on race, color, gender or culture. That is only my perspective; everyone is entitled to their own. No matter who you are everyone deserves even just a little. To be shown deferential regard for; consideration, concern or appreciation and self esteem. Even protecting an individuals privacy can be shown a sign of respect but, many don’t seem to even understand that. Strange. No one should have to openly reveal their concern in fear of what others may say or think.

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That sets things in reverse; losing total respect from a person. 

The worst thing, in my opinion, that a person can do to ones dignity is to compromise. To make them feel so poorly about themselves that gaining one’s trust; is impossible. Id imagine we all like to be addressed in a manner that isn’t condescending or patronizing. To be treated the exact way any other individual would want to be treated. If only that were the case in today’s society would the world be a much better place to live and grow in. A fact; some people are mentally stronger and capable than others. This separates every aspect in regards to respect and dignity. Some will seek it more often than others and, some will simply be born into it.

As we’ve seen on television and through our day to day jobs or education facilities. The rich and the poor. The educated and the under educated. The youth and the Elderly. The handicap and the independents The boy and the girl. The construction worker and the Lawyer. The soldier and the civilian. There are an endless amount of infinities separating the differences. Some had to literally fight and die to gain even the slightest amount of respect from such a constant changing country as the United States. Others were simply born into it. With money. And with money comes respect. Especially in today’s world. The poor have it the worst. They’re raised into very minimal respect from others. Their dignity is out the window. It’s been ruined by countless factors. They have it the hardest. Being raised with the odds being against you is a very difficult task for some. I can say i’ve had both the privilege and experience of being in that situation. Where even family lacked the respect for their own kids. We always had to earn it in everything we did. 

Things that weren’t possible as a kid were expected of us. All the time. Up until the point where eventually; we would have earned our respect. To me, everything is environment dependent. Things such as workplace, co workers, bosses, setting and even the mood for the day, and more. A patient can walk into a psych ward. Unbiased opinions will be all there is on that specific person; if it’s his or her first time there. Without a doubt; the respect for that person may vary on the individual. Whether it be a good or bad opinion; they are not going to be shown the respect every human being deserves. That was a family member of mine. With me as the witness. Bad talk circled the room for most. Without having known the woman. Thats the world we live in. How someone seeking help can be so disrespected without even knowing their story.

But case being; respect and dignity go hand to hand with one another. Without respect there is no dignity and likewise the other way around. The best thing a person can do is own up to their mistakes and move on and to always keep in mind what’s wrong and what’s right; hoping they haven’t lost the respect of a specific person or of one that means something to them. A person’s bad dignity can be the end for many great futures and, some of us don’t even know it yet.


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