Leadership Experience When I Was a Student

Leaders don’t just pop up over night, it takes time and years of experience to become a true leader. I wasn’t always a leader, I use to be what most would call a follower. I didn’t have much confidence in myself and always felt like I belonged at the back of the crowd. This all changed when I moved from Kentucky to Florida. After this move I first became involved in my middle school’s national junior honor society.

Then later in high school I became a part of student government, student council, and national honor society, all playing a big role in my decision in becoming a LEAD scholar. To begin with, when I lived in Kentucky I was a very shy person. I never had the confidence to speak up in classes or even for myself. When I moved to Florida something changed in me. To this day I’m still not sure what it was, but I some how I knew it was going to be different this time.

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As I slowly started making more friends I also slowly started gaining more confidence and self esteem. I found a great group of friends who were always there for me and helped pushed me to be the leader I am today. One of the main things my friends helped pushed me to do was join the national junior honor society. A lot of them were in the club themselves and convinced me it was a great thing to do.

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So after joining during my 7th grade year, it was in 8th grade when I was elected into office as the clubs treasurer. While even I knew this wasn’t a very important role to play, I used being on office to my advantage. During every meeting I would speak up and voice my opinion. The main time my opinion came into effect was when we decided to host a carnival to raise money for the school. I came up with more than half of the booth ideas to be placed at the carnival, many of which they still have running today. This was one of the first experiences that made me feel like a leader. I felt like I took charge and helped accomplish something major for my school. This event is what also lead me to continue to want to be a leader into my high school years. During my years in high school I became a member of student government and student council. In both student government and student council I was just a member in the club, but was still looked at as one of the leaders of our high school. In both organizations I helped create and plan different events for the school, the main ones being homecoming and senior prom. For our senior prom I came up with a lot of the decorations and took charge in hiring different people to help out during the event. We also hosted more important events like our schools anti-bullying and buckle-up week. Overall in both these clubs I was an active member, served as a leader to our school, but never truly felt like I earned the title I was given. In addition to student government and student council I was also a part of my schools national honor society. I was inducted into the club at the end of my sophomore year and by senior year I was given the title of vice president. As vice president of the national honor society I felt like it was my time to really step up to the plate. One thing I’m very passionate about is helping out towards the breast cancer society. My school previously never did anything for this cause so I wanted to change that. As October being breast cancer awareness month, I decided to host a pink out day for my school. I also had the members of my club collect pink ribbon and help me fashion them into the breast cancer style ribbon. All of my members helped passed them out on the pink out day and it ended up being a huge success. We ran out of ribbons before first period even started. Everyone loved what I had done. Throughout the rest of the time in the club my leadership skills began to grow as I helped take on more and more projects. Half way through the school year our team leader was so proud of my efforts she actually changed me to be the club’s president. This was the first time that felt that I wasn’t just given a title, I wasn’t just elected into something. I worked hard and earned my spot as the president of my schools national honor society. Being apart of the national honor society really made me grow as a leader. At the end of my senior year a couple of my other officers and members actually wrote me letters telling me what a great job I did and how much they looked up to me. I have never felt so accomplished in my life, I feel like I truly made a difference in my school and gained great leadership experience in the process. Overall all of these events have helped made my decision on becoming a lead scholar. Ever since that move to Florida I have always felt like I was suppose to be a leader and be involved in my school. LEAD scholars is everything I love to do. Just like the national honor society, LEAD scholars is all about campus involvement, volunteering, and being a leader. I can’t wait to continue my involvement at UCF, performing community service, and continuing my journey of becoming a better leader as a LEAD scholar.

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