Leadership and The Army Profession

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The purpose of this leadership and the army profession essay is to inform you on the concept of being a steward of the profession in the Army by using resources efficiently, effectively developing others and oneself, and ethically maintaining the essential characteristics of the profession. An overall meaning of a steward is one who is responsible to take care of something or keep order. A steward of the Army’s profession is a long-term responsibility as a leader. It is our duty to the American people, the Army, and ourselves to uphold the standard.

Stewards of the profession is a develop factor under competence, in the leadership requirement model. Core leadership competencies is what an Army leader does, which is lead, develop and achieve. This definition builds the basis for the three main concepts of being a steward of the profession.

The Resources for Leadership Role in the Army Profession

To be the best steward and fulfill our leadership duty, we have to use our resources.

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Proper use of the resources provided for us, keeps us balanced. For leaders to efficiently manage Army resources correctly we have to have the right equipment and personnel. A successful mission requires us to be at our maximum strength and ability. An important factor for success in any mission is the plan. Missions should include a plan at any level. Planning is the first step as it concerns resources. In the stage of planning, the integration of operational environment variables and Standard (SOP), resources as foundation, are ways a steward is managing efficiently.

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In importance of all the resources the Army has, personnel is first. As a positive, when soldiers feel confident in their work environment and coworkers, the flow of work is high. Soldiers with high morale and motivation can accomplish any task or mission set before them. Efficient managing is a key in all aspect for a steward.

Importance of Leadership and Development in Army Profession

The next concept that builds a steward of the profession is being effective in developing others and oneself. In the words of John Campbell in Center for Leadership Army Profession and Army Profession, “As stewards of the army profession we must ensure our fundamental characteristics are carried forward to future generations, we do this by developing competent leaders, with character and commitment”. Change is constantly occurring, and with change, comes adaptation. An adaptable leader understands the challenges that leads to developing knowledge, strengthening expertise, in self, while mentoring the new generation. A leader makes it their duty to be an effective leader and teacher for their team, mission, and the Army. An effective steward takes professional and personal growth seriously. Examples of professional growth is supporting developmental opportunities for subordinates and key developmental assignments in other organizations. Supporting and maintaining our subordinates is critical. Having an open-mind with soldiers and learning mentality is also a key in stewardship. Exemplifying effective leadership is where internal character builds continuously. Mentoring and committing to soldiers, despite the rank difference ensures confidence and care for the new generation’s success. Effectively developing leaders is the goal of preparing oneself and subordinates to lead.

The Characteristics That Define a Member of Army Profession

The last concept that defines a good steward of the profession is maintaining the essential characteristics of the profession. The characteristics are a collective of the resources, expertise, traditions, and customs of the Army. Stewardship is the most important characteristic of the five that make up the Army Professions. Integrating ethics in stewarding collaborates personal values with Army values as well. The characteristics are ethical as this is a long term responsibility. The only characteristic that does not change is traditions. The Army has changed over a time span of 244 years, but the traditions have not. These traditions include customs, and courtesies that make the Army itself, and forever will. The traditions are the foundation of the Army, and it is a steward’s duty to keep them in place.


In closing, inheriting efficient management of resources, effective self-development and inspiring others, and continuing the characteristics of the professions is how leaders become stewards of the Army profession. Stewardship ensures we remain worthy of the trust of the American people, the Army, and our peers. Securing the trust of the American people is important because when our leaders move on, we have to know that the new leaders coming in will not miss a beat. Teaching and leading the leaders of tomorrow’s Army the ways of a steward, is one of the most important aspects of being a steward. Consistent growth and maturity of the Army is how we will remain advanced and ahead of all, and with good stewardship, this daily mission is possible.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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